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Tuesday, November 3

A short poem on Love.

So my weekend at home was definitely most needed. I got a little of my sanity! I hope you guys’ weekend was wonderful as well. Tonight my post will be pretty short. Just a few feelings on "Love".... Enjoy!

I am infatuated by love; in lust with the beauty of love.
I am Love's groupie.
I've been chasing. But every time I catch just struggles free.
I yearn for the feelings, for the completion it brings.
I admire love.
It escapes; I have to find it again. I have to have it.
When it's in my presence, I freeze up. I go wild like the groupie I am.
I’m at a loss of words, but I know what I feel.
I know that I feel overtaken. I know that I feel...complete.
Love is the quickest runner I know.
Just when I think I’ve caught it, forever...
It slips away.
Love is the most beautiful pain I’ve felt.
Even when Love hurts me, even when it leaves...
I can't help but to remember.
Remember the good times me and love have shared.
All the smiles and knowledge love has brought me.
Call it an obsession if you will.
I am infatuated by love. In lust with the beauty of love.
I am Love's groupie.

Why do I find so much beauty in love…even after I feel I’ve lost mine? Anywho... until next time Toodles!


JStar said...

I love it...and am currently feeling the same

RoByn LaTice said...

Thanks ! :)