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Wednesday, November 25

Happy Turkey Day! :)


So, right now I’m in between cooking turkeys and 3 dishes of cornbread. Yummy! Oh how I LOVE cooking. I never really realized how much it calms me; it’s like a stress reliever. Anywho, today I've been sooo busy. Don’t you hate when you’re preparing for an event and you do all your shopping early just to avoid the packed stores...and still end up having to go when the lines are around the fuckin' corner. Ughhh, that's definitely how I felt today, at Wal-Mart...Too many people getting their shit all late when I have 2 things in my hand. Then people look like they be ready to fight over the last of shit...Smh.
So people always ask that same question every thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? I never do the whole “What am I thankful for question?"... I mean I honestly don’t even think Thanksgiving should be a holiday based on the circumstances that it came about. However I do love spending it with my extended family; I love huge family gatherings!
While I'm sitting here waiting for my cornbreads to brownen [If that’s even a word] I wonder why people lie about being in love with someone. Someone asked me “SO you've never lied about loving someone? Ever?" And I was appalled that they even asked. I quickly answered no, why would anyone do shit like that. Why would you lie about loving someone? Then I realized...hmm, yea I definitely have. But I didn’t know I was lying at the time. Meaning I thought I was in love with this guy when I kept telling him I loved him. When really I was in love with what he could do for me...not so much him. In fact I started to find him very annoying, but the fact that he did whatever I wanted...I loved it. No questions asked [Which I totally hate now, people need to have minds of their own]. Hmm, I feel bad for letting him think I cared that much about him...but it wasn’t intentional. What about the people who do it intentionally. Knowing damn well they have no feeling of love but saying "I love you" just to string the other person along; just to fuck with their mind. Why do that? A guy told me he used to throw the words around because that’s the quickest way to get a girl to give her bringing love into the equation. He said the girl becomes's a "leg spreader". Why mess with emotions just to get a little pussy though? That pisses me off sooo much. People do some dirty ass shit...and fucking with someone’s emotions hurts more than physical pain if you ask me. Anywho let me get back to my food!

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving! Eat plenty of food and have plenty of family time!
Until next time...Toodles!


her . said...

lol i feel you about telling a guy you love them . once upon a time i was doing the same . ( :

im awful haha .

madd love .

Happy Thanksgiving .

Myne Whitman said...

Happy thanksgiving too. I love yous shouldn't be thrown around freely I think.

Darling Nikky said...

Yummmmmm Cornbread! And the "L" is sacred & shld be used wisely!

Kelvin said...

Wow, u are a sexy hottie:D

Bubbles said...


I can't stand when people lie about being in love or loving some-one. like that makes no sense?
love is a very strong emotion. nothing to be messed with!

Neesh B Fly said...

Happy Thanksgiving Girl!!!

blogoratti said...

Happy thanksgiving!

xxxx said...

im late but happy thanksgiving to you too hun.. lol i hope you enjoyed your day..
p.s them pics on the side especially the red jacket is hot.. gorgeous

Darling Nikky said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving mamma!

Ro said...

Hope Your Thangiving was WONDERFUL

Don said...

Funny pic, and that's the bidness @ Knowing damn well they have no feeling of love but saying "I love you" just to string the other person along; just to fuck with their mind.

A person has to be able to recognize game. If not, so help 'em.

RoByn LaTice said...

Thanks everyone ! :)
[Yall see Im being lazy by not individually responding! lol, sew me!]