They pretty much adore me :)

Friday, December 25

i LOVE you Granny! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & MERRY CHRISTMAS GREAT GRANNY, Mrs. Lizzie Lou Perkins - Ross! i MiSS & LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! [understatement]
I'm having a wonderful day....i got a lot of money and would you like to know my favorite gift? SUPER MARIO on Wii!!!! Aghhh, if only yall knew hw much I LOVE video games! AND MARIO? Oh, i'd marry! Seriously! I'm sooo ready to crack this thing open and play....after my errands though!!!!! Have to spend time with my FAMILY! :) Hope you all's day goes well. Remain happy & blessed!!!!!
[p.s.-no internet still..smh!]

Wednesday, December 23

.....and the obiturary reads " at 9:02pm on December 23, she died from lack of internet. She had been with out it for 3 days and....well, it was the death of her."lol, clearly i have no internet and i'm losing my mind. GOSH. I am seriously going crazy...i feel like i'm cut off from life. *sigh* I've realized I rely too much on the internet. Smh....i need to get it together. No checking others blogs,no browsing for pics for my post, no googling silly twitter or youtube. Ughhhh....stupid house with no internet,and my phone is temporarily without it as well...I'm sooo sad. Blogging through text message from my phone? HORRIBLE! I cant edit anything...and since Im writting all of this in a typing everything shorthand. Smh.

Quick update: ive been running everywhere getting everyones elses gifts..and im still missing 2 ppl. Its going to be hell getting them gifts tomoro. UGH! This break so far--sucks serious ass! Ive been the worst friend ever, i need to contact my besties soon! Im nt really in the christmas spirit.
Anywho hopefully i hv my internet back soon...Toodles!

Saturday, December 19

Who Dat say they gone beat them Saints...Well I'm sure my boys said it...BITCHES! :x

Shit you already know why I'm here. You do know...right?! Who dat say they gone beat them Saints? Well MY motherfuckin' COWBOYS! Yea bitches! Oooooooh-Weeeeee! I admit I had my doubts but...they came through! Aghhhhhh, I love my BOYS!

Dear Boys:
Sorry for doubting you all. No doubt yall are the shit. That is all!
- Robyn

Now, I'm about to party my ass off. Yes I'm in a good ass mood! GOOO COWBOYS! Hell yea! Saints I like yall but I LOVE my boys! Ok, Toodles!

Would you like my finger for assistance? Fuck you bruh!


So....Have I ever mentioned how quick tempered I am? And how when I do get mad.....I get BEYOND mad. Guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Bullshit ass fussing about absolutley nothing. As soon as I calm down from that I open an email from some random person...talking about my blog! Everyone is entitled to their opinion on things... and I TRY to respect everyones opinion. So for those who read my blog and dont like it...keep yo' ass moving. Ok? Dont write me talking about I cuss to much and I'm fake and all other bullshit. I mean why would you constantly come back to read what I have to say if you didnt like the first post. And...saying you dont like me? When YOU dont know me? Just because you read my shit dont mean you know me as a person, so kill that shit. Usually I would not take my time out to address bullshit ass people but the email was rude ass hell. You dont care for me and think I'm a silly bitch? Seriously...dude swear if I knew you at all...let me calm it down! Anywho...why do people that dont like what the hell I have to say come back and keep reading my shit? Just to complain about how much you hate me?...when you dont know me.! It's the first negative response verbalized to me about my blog through email! I should post their email, but I rather not. If you dont like my shit say it in a respectful tone...simply say I dont like how you conduct your blog...that is all, and take your ass on to the next. Anywho...I could care less if you dont like what I have to say..I mean this is my opinion on shit. You dont have to like it..dont mean I'm gone read it and have a breakdown or nothing.I mean who the fuck are you for me to really care? No one! Next time you want to insult my blog...keep it only about the blog. Dont refer to me as a silly bitch or attack my character as a person when you dont know me. Say what you got to say with out calling me out my damn name. Silly childish ass people! Ok...Rant over!Your 2 minutes of fame is up...! Sorry about that yall...I just hate when people think they KNOW me from my writting. No one KNOWS me but keep that shit moving!
P.S- The game comes on tonight. Go Cowboys....[smh]
Ok, Toodles!

Friday, December 18

ElfYourself! :)

So...I can pretty much laugh at anything! i went to Need a cute laugh?...go make your own! lol! Enjoy mine with the people I mention most in this blog! :)

Send your own ElfYourself eCards
 I'm silly I know..but I just thought this was too cute. Im sending one to my mom! Anywho...I'm still up after being so tired..smh...I'm going to bed fareal this time. Toodles!

TMi?...Naw, It's just an award! :x

So.....I have ANOTHER award! Yes! Ya'll know how lazy I am and how I HATE following rules...BUT, I'm gone gone head and do this one right! Ok, SO I was  given the award by two different bloggers. First given by the amazing Ms. Cook[.The Poet] over at Musik&Soul! Definitely love reading her post. Most of her poems hit home [& they are damn good poems!]--and her opinion on other always a nice read! Secondly, Ms. Reese over at Sweet Insanity and Sarcasm! Always a pleasure to read [she told me I had to follow the rules..blah! lol]! Her take on things are quite interesting AND her tidbits of her life events..funny and enlightning to read.! Thank you ladies sooo much! If you arent already familiar with these two ladies run on over there[or click on over there..whatever]..and do that NOW!...Ok on to the Rules..blah! :)


*post the award on your blog
*list 8 things a voyeur / peeping tom could potentially catch you doing if they were watching you
*award up to 8 bloggers who match the criteria of this award
*make sure they know you enjoy peeping through their windows

8 Things a Voyeur/Peeping Tom could catch me doing--
.1 Singing my heart out to whatever slow song that pops up on my playlist! [Can't sing worth shit!]
.2 Shaking my ass around the room in very little OR dancing although i never do it when im out unless im buzzed. Smh!
.3 Snapping photos of myself...I love taking pictures..and I love why not?
.4 really relaxes me![Love arts of all kinds!]
.5 On my laptop...Youtube, Twitter, Blogger, or Googling some strange question.
.6 Writting...have to keep my thoughts in order! And reading, LOVE reading!
.7 Watching some amazing pornstar do incredible tricks...hey just being real!
.8 [Probably the craziest one:] Umm, well...because i dont REALLY open up to anyone I talk quite often when I'm alone. Out loud. AND...I actually have a person from my past that I go to with all my problems and talk to them as if they are really there. My mind adds there response automatically[even their laugh]...crazy as shit right? I dont really care that you think I'm crazy...everyone has odd quirks to them. [Thats definitely only one of many!]

So...8 people fit for the award..what does that mean? Does it mean that I feel like they give me TMi in a good way?..or the ones I like to "peep" on the most?...Hmmm, since this is a TMi award. I'm going to pick 8 bloggers who could probably get me moist on their writting skills alone. [I mean that is the straightest way :)!]

And the award goes to...
--Mae, Wifepoo, & A la belle etoille over at Chocolate For Aphrodite
--She Hate Me over at Blogs of the Invisible Soul
--Jennifer Wilmer over Inside JStar's Head
--Val over at Planet Pro-tron
--Mo over at Truthfully Mo
--Rippa over at The Intersection of Madness and Reality
--Ashante Lott over at .These words were made up
--Fabulo-la over at Me. And then some

Most of these being mostly poetry blogs! :) I LOVE poetry..pretty much obsessed with it and anyone who can write into my heart [or my panties ;)] I appreciate reading! & of course I'm giving it back to Cook and Reese! :)! See how I followed the rules to the tee?...Ya'll dont have to do that...AT ALL! lol, be lazy like me and just enjoy babes! Welcome new followers! :) ! Hope your learning things about me...I'm really not as weird as I sound...[I'm in denial] :)! Hmmm...had some things to discuss, but I'm too tired to try to type another post tonight. I'll do it in the morning...well whenever I decide to roll out of my bed tomorrow! Goodnight!

Thursday, December 17

*--Interrupting my regularly scheduled program--*

So there is a new young lady to blogger. Her name is MzAuNatural-Beauty over at *Truth On The Rocks! U Ready?*  Her sister posted a poem that she wrote and I would like everyone to go take there time out to read it! It's a wonderful piece! :)

A preview of HER poem:
Barbie Bitch

When I grow up

I wanna be ignorant.
I wanna answer to guys that approach me like
'yo shawty u real fly
and so wassup can I hit
I wanna be the ignant bitch,
you know the one that laugh and smile
and bite my bottom lip,
cuz I'm so happy that he treats me
just like the next chick.
But that’s all I can expect
Imitating girls like Nicki Minaj, Trina
And lil Kim,
I wanna be
Just like them!

..............Go read the rest *here*! It's a wonderful piece! Go over and welcome and comment! Ok....I'll be back with a topic later on today! Until then....Toodles! :)

Wednesday, December 16

Just a bunch of Random ish...


So every time I have a profound topic to discuss I forget it before I actually get to the computer. Maybe I should actually start to use this mobile blogging...! I hate when I'm out and I'm like "Oooh, I am going to blog about this as soon as I get to my laptop"...and soon as I get there it disappears! Anywho this is just a bunch of random shit thrown into one post. First and foremost....Cowboys lost. *sigh*, and I know I'm not supposed to say this as a fan BUT...I have NO hope for Saturdays game. None whatsoever...I mean if you read my mind I think it’s pretty much impossible to beat the Saints right now for my boys...*sigh*, but anyone who asks out loud I'll say “I’m going for my boys...we can pull this shit off"Psshhh! Yea...that would be a greatly appreciated miracle...but best believe I'll have my ass in front of that screen. Confession: Saints are my 2nd favorite team EVER. Definitely can’t wait for this game. I'm watching TV and I’m just wondering how does some of this shit get sold. Example: Chia Pets, Bump it's, Snuggies. Chia Pets...dude c'mon. Those things are hella old and super creepy...why are they still on the market. Smh. And those silly bump it’s...those commercials fuck those girls hair up. Seriously, everybody isn’t meant to have "body" in their hair. And Snuggies? Ughh...let me not start with those silly things. Smh!

Soooo...I've been knitting for like the past few hours. Lol, I always think it’s an old people thing. But it’s quite addicting. I learned how to knit in the 8th grade...and totally love it. :). My cousin came over today and he was like “What the hell? Sooooo, you knit now." "[*Laughter*] Yes. I'm just trying to...." "...Not be a nigga! You just trying to take all the nigga out of you." kind of statement is that to make. I mean really...who says shit like that! ....Welcome new followers! :) ! I appreciate you joining me! I love blogging! I always try to get everyone I know to start a blog. Like I'm getting paid to recruit bloggers. Lol, I think everyone should have a blog as an outlet...! They always say "I'm not a writer though"...and who ever said you have to be a "writer" to have a blog?! Believe it or not, I'm a really good writer. I hardly ever show it through this blog...but when it comes to important shit...I do well! :)! English/Writing is has always been my favorite subject. Worse? Everything else! Ughhh. Math, Science...even History! It's all too boring or too hard. I hate numbers. I love words. Oh, tonight I cooked Broccoli, cheese, chicken, and rice casserole for the first time ever. It was delicious! I love cooking, its calms me! Tomorrow I’m trying chicken spaghetti! :)!

I did a little Christmas shopping today. Mostly for the babies in my life though. I have 14 MORE people on my list. That’s RIDICULOUS! Idk how my list got so long. My mother already gave me half of my Christmas money. She asked did I want an iPhone. I was sooo happy she asked because I REALLY want one. BUT...I rather have more clothes. I need more scarfs, hats, and boots! She bought me two coats today. Too old for that?...Never! :)! I hate when people send me text saying “Hey stranger."...clearly I’m not responding to your text for a reason...and sending that is surely not going to help you out! Ugh, I’ve received some of the DUMBEST texts this week. Dudes can be too stupid! ...When should you tell your child that Santa doesn’t exist? I what age is too old to still believe in Santa. I told my mother she needs to let my sister know the business. Let her know that that fat old wrinkled white guy is not just that damn generous to give strangers gifts. ESPECIALLY since my mother spends wayyy too much on that lil girl for Christmas I mean when did Santa start bringing people all that expensive ass shit on her "wish list". She's sooo spoiled, but then again people say I was spoiled. Hell, they say I'm still spoiled. I do depend on my mother for mostly everything I guess she did spoil me growing up! Ok...way too much random shit in one post...I'll be back tomorrow with something to talk about! Until then...toodles! :)

Saturday, December 12

Sick of Award post?...Sorry I cant help it :)!

So....I received another award! :) Yahh! This lovely award was given to me by the wonderful Keenya over at Golden Mind! She is HILARIOUS! Seriously. She doesnt blog as much as I would like to read...but I do love her writtings when she posts! :) If you havent checked her out...Gone head and do that NOW! & Follow her on twitter...good entertainment.. :)! Anywho, I'm lazy and hate following rules! But, This time I'll try to switch it up...give it to some new bloggers or ones I find just off the wall different! :) So babies dont feel offended if I dont award you.Ok, I'm timing myself to see how long  I take to do this post. Following the rules..which include awarding 7 people with the award...and telling 7 facts about me! :) Ok, so here goes.
7 Random Facts about me:
  •  I recently realized I'm a tad bit stuck up. I know I shouldnt look at people and think they are beneath me...but I do sometimes. So sue me?..I'm workin' on it! Promise!
  • I love feeling useful. Like helping people out with things...I makes me feel so good.
  • I'm REALLY mean. And a tad bit psychotic! I got it from my mother...I like to think Im a little less crazy than she is! :)
  • This whole not havin' sex thing....pshhh, shit starting to seriously fuck with my mind! Yea, Im pretty sure I will be considered an "addict" in the future. Pretty damn sure! :)
  • I'm frustrated with this whole going natural thing already. My edges get ridiculous. But I have to keep tellin myself that I can do this! [Tips & stuff would be greatlt accepted! :)]
  • I always think Im better when Im not in a relationship..but I'm pretty sure its when I'm  in one. But being single has really helped me evaluate and better myself! :)!
  • Black is my favorite color! Purple is my secondary!

Re-reading the rules from her page..I totally did that wrong. Was supposed to tell 7 things I love...well that took 12 oh well! lol, Random facts are better! :)

Ok...and finally the award goes to :
Moe over at You know you dead azz wrong
With love___starz over at with love,starz
Chanel over at The Rainbow Room
Simone and Cynthia over at The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Enigma Jones over at Life and Times of a Trifling Chick
Jennifer Wilmer over at Inside JStar's Head
Leila over at Black Girl With Long Hair

It's soo many other Kreative blogs but it took me 1hour and 30 minutes to do this whole post. Smh, then it actually disappered..I was efinetly about to flip the hell out! lol..anywho Enjoy. You dont have to follow the rules or none of that nonsense! Thanks for following me everyone! :)  Until next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, December 11

I just dont understand...


So this situation is really bothering me. I mean it's not my situation but I just can’t wrap my mind around the whole thing. SO...I'm going to share a personal story. Maybe too personal for a blog?...but here goes. So I have a guy cousin. This guy cousin who happens to be gay. There is a story behind it all...or at least where it all started. And sadly it starts in our family. When my guy cousin, we'll call him Dre, when Dre was younger [about 4 or 5] one of my MUCH older cousins started to molest him. A cousin who also happens to be male...but doesn’t claim to be gay. He molested him for about 3-4 years. Sick...right? Dre decided to keep quiet about this issue until about 3 years ago. And even then he didn’t make it public. His mother overheard him talking on the phone to my sister about someone in our family touching him...asking whether he should say something or not. And from there...things got crazy. It came out that our older cousin was taking him in one of my great-grandmothers backrooms and...Well yea. We all were basically raised in that house...while our parents were in their partying phase. Anywho when my aunt found out, my mother was the first person she called. And it went from there. My mother let the rest of the family know, everyone was outraged. I found out while I was out one night...ruined my whole night and I was definitely ready to find and cut that nasty ass nigga up.'s that serious. So were my mother, my grandmother, and my sister. [Notice I didn’t say my aunt--his mother!] Someone let him know that he was being looked he went into hiding for a while. My mother put up flyers EVERYONE...our homemade child molester flyers with his picture on it. Later...he had the nerve to show up at a family gathering. When he did all hell broke loose. My granny pulled out her gun and they had to calm her down. She was cussing all types of things at him.[Oh, P.S- My family is hella crazy!] After they calmed her down my mother confronted him. Asking why the fuck he bothered to show up...seeing as to how he wasn’t family and how he was dead to her. And he started popping off at the mouth talking shit sayin he aint do shit and he gone go where he want to. Why he tried that woman...well I have no clue. She came after him with a long metal pipe. She started calling him all types of names and got one good hit with the pipe across his back. He took off running with my momma on his ass. My sister jumped up and so did I ready to help. And everyone else in my family grabbed my mother and told him to leave. My mom was pissed wondering why the hell that let him get away. She had plans...he would definitely not be alive it were up to her. Or me! Smh! I think that’s some dirty nasty ass shit. Done right under my nose to one of my closest cousins. No...We were definitely out for blood. Now let me rewind...that same nasty ass nigga who molested him had molested one of my female cousins around the time he was messing with Dre. She was older [14or15]; she told my mother after it happened twice. They locked the doors in my great grannys house and let all my older men cousin whoop his ass something severe...damn near killing him. And after a while...somehow he had got back good with the family until Dre's story came out. So he did it before...!

 Now the situation itself is sick...but the fact that after all of this Dre's mother can hate him baffles my mind. After the story and all the drama she became a total bitch to him. I mean she did some hardcore shit...she hated, correction...she hates him. With a passion and there is nothing you can tell me to change my mind. She started calling him all types of faggots, gay nasty niggas, and all other types of shit. She started treating him like an outcast...and I just don’t like that shit. Recently his younger sister was complaining to my aunt about how Dre never talks to her and blah blah blah. When they have NEVER had a sister/brother relationship. NEVER! Anywho when they started to discuss it in detail his mother said its hurting his sister that they don’t talk...and she said another reason his sister was probably hurting was the fact that he was gay. She said “Even though it’s not discussed that’s another reason. It's affecting her and’s not just affecting you...What you do affects us too." She said this yelling of course. And when she asked his sister was that the reason that lil wanch had the nerve to shake her head yea. I mean what the fuck does that have to do with them at this point?...I'm pissed that she is treating him like this and that she has SUCH a huge issue with him being gay when SHE was the one who actually grabbed my mother so she wouldn’t hit his molester again. SHE protected him. What the fuck type of shit is that? I mean really she lost all my respect I once had for her. She treats him like it’s his fault.[When I have a child] If my child were to come out and tell me they were gay, I'd be perfectly fine with it. It's just their lifestyle. I would never disown my child for it nor treat them worse. NEVER. AND if my child told me a family member molested them best believe my number one priority would be to find a way to kill that nigga and get away with it.! I just don’t understand where her mind possibly is to be acting this way...and I don’t like it. Anywho until next time...Toodles!

Another Award? ...They really love me :)!

Hello lovlies! :) you can see I got another award! About a week ago..I'm late, so sue me?lol! Anywho..I was awarded this award by two lovely bloggers. The first was the wonderful Supastarrr over at Supastarrr, the co-ed! She is definitely one of my favorite bloggers! I loveeee her blog! :) It is hilarious and its always wonderful to see her point of view. The other was a recent discovery. The lovely Ms. Leiominala over at Leiomi Nala's Corner! [How do you prononce your name ma'am?]! I love her blog as well. On it she shares a lot of random tidbits. Some cute,funny, and just entertaining things! So if you havent checked these two lovely's out...Do so NOW! :)

And the award goes to....................*DRUMROLL*
Neesh B. Fly over at The Real Dish
Sylvia over at Photography by Me
Khaki over at Not All Baltimore Chicks are Stupid [My cousin was outraged I gave this award..based on your Nikki Minaj He is a die hard fan. Yes, HE! :)]
Ro over at Love, Faith and Hope
Juicy Carter over at Juicy Carter
Keenya over at Golden Mind
E Dot Dizzy over at E Dot Dizzy
Lalaliybean over at DESSERT or disaster
She Hate Me over at Blogs of the Invisible Soul
Ashante Lott over at .These words were made up
Cook The Poet over at Musik&Soul
Secretia over at Secret Story Time
her. over at A swirl of My World
Darling Nikky& Kia Poison over at Tasteless Diamonds

AND of coarse back to Supastarr and Leiomi Nala!
There are rules to this award and I honestly hate following the rules. It takes forever. This post took me about 2 hour to complete..maybe Im slighly off?lol..who knows...anywho ya'll dont have to follow the rules. Just enjoy! :)
Thanks to all my wonderful followers. Thanks for taking the time out to read my thoughts..I really do love and appreciate you all! :) ok..Toodles!

Sunday, December 6

Dear Cowboys:

I'm tired. Really tired. I'm in my room....studying! It's finals week. & all I have is one more day of this..and I'm out of here. SO I'll be spending my night studying until I fall asleep. I just HAD to do this post really quick. If you dont like football, this is probably going to bore the hell out of you...Sorry?! Anywho As most of you have read...I'm a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan! I'm one of those die-hard fans. And tonight...tonight I almost let them go. We had a game against the Giants. Smh, I had all kinds of big hopes for us. The score was 24-31. Obviously not in our favor. I wouldnt be so sad about it really if....our next two games werent killer. I can honestly say for the first time all season I have some serious doubts in how these games are going to go. Would you like to know who the competition is?...The Chargers & The Undefeated Saints. [*sigh*] I can only try to remain hopeful for them.

Dear Cowboys:
Tonight...Tonight I was extremly dissapointed in you boys. I watched the game in extreme anticipation for you to do well. And failed to do so. I am tired of constantly having my heart strings tugged by you guys. One week you do well, and the other yall start to pull silly stunts. [*sigh*]. Don't get me wrong, i understand we win some ,we lose some. ANd we have lost 4 this season. Which isnt bad.You know I just want the best for you guys..right? I just want to see my babies succeed.These upcoming games might be a little tough, but regardless I am going to put my heart back on the line for you all. Practice hard, stay focused..and be SMART. Can you do that for me...please? Ok...Well, Good Luck babies. I know you can do this.
Love, Robyn's that serious..! Anywho i need to get back to studying. I received 2 more awards :)! I'm reallly happy about this. I'll do this post after all my tests tomorrow to accept and thank them. TOODLES! :)

Thursday, December 3

Just another Simple Bitch & Her Barbie Idolization!

So I just wanted to share my fb "debate " with this girl. She made a status that said :
And yes...I felt the need to comment and answer her question. i felt compelled to share my opinion. I am copying and pasting the debate below. And to keep her identity concealed I've changed her name to Simple Barbie Bitch! :) Enjoy!

RoByn VaLentine: ...Because being a doll is superficial. Being compared to one is not a compliment. Barbies are just that can be used and tossed away when the person matures. Plastic is easy to destroy as well!
[She deleted a post here it said : I have to disagree. Barbie is a good role model.]
RoByn VaLentine: Maybe for a child. For a grown woman..No, she is not. Barbie has no failure to learn from. Just things that are given to her. That isnt the way things work..and mature women should look up to women who have worked harder to achieve a name ...besides aspiring to be like a plastic doll!
Simple Barbie Bitch: & tHAt GiVES U tHE RitE 2 HAtE ON HER??? i tHiNK NOt. & PLAStiC iS GREAt...itS DURABLE & VERSAtiLE. itS StRONGER tHAN GLASS. itS WHAtEVER U NEED it 2 B.
RoByn VaLentine: lol. I dont understand how people can "hate" on a plastic childs toy. People express their dislike for the way tht women aspire to be like a toy...not necessarily "hating on" barbie.! She has her own house,car, career...because it was handed to her, she was made like that. It's all unrealistic. I just dont get why grown women want to be like a child's toy. A toy that the child speaks for, dresses, moves,...and grows out of. I just dont get the fascination.
RoByn VaLentine:lol. Because she is not real. Wanting to be a barbie is really a superficial shallow thing. Because if a WOMAN has a career, a job, a home all on her own and is not Barbies size,complextion, have perfect hair...what does that make her? Just another sucessful woman that young women should look up to. A woman who has actually worked for hers..a REAL woman. && In all reality no one looks like Barbie but Barbie. Barbies dont come in ALL colors, or all sizes. Barbies porportions are impossible to gain...Barbie doesn't talk, she lives in a box...she can be purchased for about $20 dollars! But grown women want to be like her?Smh. Women dont go to college saying " I want to be a Barbie...let me go to college and get an education." They have better REAL role models in their life. Ones that actually can tell a story and exude sucess.!
RoByn VaLentine: & being "Pretty and Plastic" can ALWaYS FADE! ALWAYS be easily taken away. Although I dont know why anyone would want to be plastic it not good enough to be made of flesh? Not good enough to find real women to look up to?
RoByn VaLentine: Lol. I understand the "metaphor"..It's just soooooo many flaws in it! But like you said "it is what it is"! Keep believing, "Barbie"! :)
Simple Barbie Bitch: ALWAYS. :-)

See how nice I was to this girl?! I wanted to call her a simple bitch sooooooo bad! Anywho, Im sick of this Barbie shit...really! Grown ass women trying to be Barbie need to kill that shit and grow the fuck up! Ughh..and that's my opinion on that. Until next time, Toodles!

Wednesday, December 2

Don't go bound to find some shit!


So, I pretty much deserted my blog for a week. But it's ok...I'm back now! :) I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Anywho I'm up early listening to a local radio station for their PPP [People Power Pole]! A woman sent in a question saying: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and he left his cell phone in my car and I went through his text messages. I saw several texts between him and a female who he invited over to his place for breakfast. [It's been about 3 months]I haven't said anything to him about it because I know I was wrong for snooping but it’s all bothering me. Power listeners, Should she confront her boyfriend about his text messages to other women?

So I'm probably gone make some people mad on this one...but really who cares! :)! Sooo, I don’t honestly give a shit if she confronts him. I'm more worked up about the first part of her statement. "He left his cell phone in my car and I went through his text messages.”! .....Dumb bitch. Most women agree on going through their men's cell phones and shit. They say their supposed to trust him enough to go through it and not find anything. But if you snooping in the first place...really, where is the trust?! I don’t agree with going through your boyfriend/girlfriends cell phones behind their back. In fact...I hate when people do that shit. I hate when people tell me “Well I went through his phone, and I found out he was texting some bitch calling her "baby" and "boo"" and all that other dumb bullshit. Like the saying goes if you go looking for drama....shit you gone find some. Regardless. So why even put yourself in that situation? Why put yourself in the position to possibly be hurt because of your secret trust issues. Just because the phone is sitting there does not give you the privilege to snoop through his shit. I understand he is in the wrong as well...because well she actually found some dirt. [If you gone do dirt in a relationship make sure you cover all those damn tracks...even the ones damn near invisible. Erase the inbox, sent box, deleted messages...hell even the draft. Erase all history! ] Anywho...I’m not focusing on the man because if the woman didn’t go through his phone she wouldn’t even be in her situation. She should have kept her nosey ass woman’s intuition to herself...ESPECIALLY if she wasn’t gone do shit about it. She went through his phone 3 months ago! 3 fuckin' months ago and still aint said shit to this dude. But it’s bothering her? Bitch please...if you bold enough to go through his shit you might as well gone head and cause a scene right then and there. And end the shit. End it so it won’t be "bothering you" three months later.
I will not let guys that I date go through my text messages. WILL NOT. I always establish in the beginning how silly I think it is to go through people cell phones. They always agree at the time and say they feel the same. But then when the relationship changes they want to be all in my shit. ! And that's a no no. That’s a hell no. And they always get mad when I will not let them go through my phone. Always think I'm hiding something... [Oh I always keep my shit locked so it’s no sneaking behind my back and checking my text messages and other nonsense.]! But I'm never hiding anything...just trying to avoid drama at all cost necessary. Prime Example to why I don’t let guys I date go through my shit: I was with an ex boyfriend one day after school. Senior year. He was holding my phone and I didn’t notice that it was unlocked. I was talking to him not even realizing he was browsing through my phone. Now I wasn’t gone flip out or anything because like I said he wasn’t gone find any REAL dirt. While he had the phone a guy friend of mine texts me. “So what you doing?"....Innocent text. [I was in no way interested in the guy textin my phone...we were just cool. Funny ass dude!] So he flips out. Why is [insert name here]--he knew the dude, he went to school with us--texting you? I'm like wtf? You know we cool...I can't help who text me shit. He was mad...thought I was talking to dude. So he sent back “I’m with my boyfriend [insert bf's name here]. I love him so much."...Um, dude seriously? Why feel that insecure. Another incident happened like that as well but it said “What’s up boo?"! Now I can’t help wtf these niggas decide to text me. So I just keep my phone to myself. One time my ex confiscated it...because I wouldn’t let him go through it on an earlier occasion. SO he confiscated my phone when I left the room. I noticed soon as I walked back in the room but didn’t say anything. I was going to let him go through it, if he found an “What’s up sexy?"...that’s his fault. I wasn’t doing any wrong. And he gave it back 20 minutes later and said “Here I was going to go through it...but I might be hurt if I found something. And I'm not gone do that to myself." I was like...ok, dude think I'm cheating just because I wouldn’t let him snoop in my phone the first time. No...! I just don’t want arguments started over niggas that mean NOTHING to me because they decide to add "boo", "baby”, “sexy", and all that other lame shit to the end of their casual texts.
ANYWHO back to the woman's problem. After 3 months, no I don’t think she should confront him. She should have done that shit 3 months ago. Leave that shit alone. You still either leave or deal with it. Get her insecure ass somewhere and sit down. People do dumb shit. Don’t snoop and you won’t find shit. It’s like when dumb brauds go and hack their boyfriends’ facebook account...and read all the shit and go crazy when they find a flirting inbox message. Smh at yo dumb ass....shouldn’t have been looking for anything. & Smh at his dumb ass for not covering shit up. People are saying "Well she wouldn’t have known he was pursuing other women if she didnt go through his phone." Well...if her ass aint doing shit but sitting idle anyway, she didn’t need to know! DONT GO THROUGH PEOPLES SHIT! [Especially if you know yo NIGGA is dumb and isn’t going to cover his tracks]Ok, this is a long rant....Ladies; Men...Tell me what you think. Until next time...Toodles!