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Thursday, December 17

*--Interrupting my regularly scheduled program--*

So there is a new young lady to blogger. Her name is MzAuNatural-Beauty over at *Truth On The Rocks! U Ready?*  Her sister posted a poem that she wrote and I would like everyone to go take there time out to read it! It's a wonderful piece! :)

A preview of HER poem:
Barbie Bitch

When I grow up

I wanna be ignorant.
I wanna answer to guys that approach me like
'yo shawty u real fly
and so wassup can I hit
I wanna be the ignant bitch,
you know the one that laugh and smile
and bite my bottom lip,
cuz I'm so happy that he treats me
just like the next chick.
But that’s all I can expect
Imitating girls like Nicki Minaj, Trina
And lil Kim,
I wanna be
Just like them!

..............Go read the rest *here*! It's a wonderful piece! Go over and welcome and comment! Ok....I'll be back with a topic later on today! Until then....Toodles! :)


MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

Thanks girl for showing love ;)
Glad you enjoyed the poem!!!
Be Blessed!

JStar said...

So sad but true...I like this piece very much....Thats what they are teaching our daughters

birdie said...

Thank you for sharing and putting me on to her blog.

MalibuMara said...

i like this,
its sad thats how alot of the youth is going to be.

Secretia said...

It mirrors real life, that people can disregard their self respect.
Really is too bad.


☆Reese said...

I'm definitely going to follow that blog, the poem is so on point!
Smh, we have to do better!

I gave you an award on my blog lady, get on over there!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Heeeyyyy!!! I saw that piece! I love dat blog and dat poem was serious!!


Traci Lavette said...

That's sad...what's really sad is that it's true and some females just don't get it. Good attention, bad attention, it's all the same in their eyes. Wow. Love how she put it in just those few lines.

Gonna hop on over and check her out.

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Wait...Wait...I've seen this poem on another blog...


RoByn LaTice said...

@ Cook- Her sister posted on her blog first...She's Val or ProBrooklyn's sister...idk if its blood or nt but yea.!

xxxx said...

*snap fingers* amen amen amen... everyone want to be a five star bitch or a barbie.. all of which is nothing to strive to be. but this is what our generation and our kids look up to people like nasty ass nicki minaj and dutty gyal trina.. really? what happen to condollezza rice, barack and michelle obama, someone sufficient.. not damn nicki "i'm a barbie bitch" pink hair wearing ass

JStar said...

I talked with my 16 year old about this subject and her reply was that "Mommy we dont have the Tupac's, Biggie's, and Jill Scotts like yall did...Words put together that sounds tight is all we have to listen to...and we have to keep up with the trends to some extent to know whats going on...Also, this world is so crazy that sometimes we dont want to think about the seriousness of life and want to escape to some type of enjoyment...When I turn on the news, I am horrified, atleast these songs have good beats to dance to so that I can forget the drama going on" She's right to some extent I guess...But I have turned her onto the "Real" music as she is well versed in music of all kinds...Sad tho

Anonymous said...

what I was looking for, thanks