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Wednesday, December 2

Don't go bound to find some shit!


So, I pretty much deserted my blog for a week. But it's ok...I'm back now! :) I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! Anywho I'm up early listening to a local radio station for their PPP [People Power Pole]! A woman sent in a question saying: My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and he left his cell phone in my car and I went through his text messages. I saw several texts between him and a female who he invited over to his place for breakfast. [It's been about 3 months]I haven't said anything to him about it because I know I was wrong for snooping but it’s all bothering me. Power listeners, Should she confront her boyfriend about his text messages to other women?

So I'm probably gone make some people mad on this one...but really who cares! :)! Sooo, I don’t honestly give a shit if she confronts him. I'm more worked up about the first part of her statement. "He left his cell phone in my car and I went through his text messages.”! .....Dumb bitch. Most women agree on going through their men's cell phones and shit. They say their supposed to trust him enough to go through it and not find anything. But if you snooping in the first place...really, where is the trust?! I don’t agree with going through your boyfriend/girlfriends cell phones behind their back. In fact...I hate when people do that shit. I hate when people tell me “Well I went through his phone, and I found out he was texting some bitch calling her "baby" and "boo"" and all that other dumb bullshit. Like the saying goes if you go looking for drama....shit you gone find some. Regardless. So why even put yourself in that situation? Why put yourself in the position to possibly be hurt because of your secret trust issues. Just because the phone is sitting there does not give you the privilege to snoop through his shit. I understand he is in the wrong as well...because well she actually found some dirt. [If you gone do dirt in a relationship make sure you cover all those damn tracks...even the ones damn near invisible. Erase the inbox, sent box, deleted messages...hell even the draft. Erase all history! ] Anywho...I’m not focusing on the man because if the woman didn’t go through his phone she wouldn’t even be in her situation. She should have kept her nosey ass woman’s intuition to herself...ESPECIALLY if she wasn’t gone do shit about it. She went through his phone 3 months ago! 3 fuckin' months ago and still aint said shit to this dude. But it’s bothering her? Bitch please...if you bold enough to go through his shit you might as well gone head and cause a scene right then and there. And end the shit. End it so it won’t be "bothering you" three months later.
I will not let guys that I date go through my text messages. WILL NOT. I always establish in the beginning how silly I think it is to go through people cell phones. They always agree at the time and say they feel the same. But then when the relationship changes they want to be all in my shit. ! And that's a no no. That’s a hell no. And they always get mad when I will not let them go through my phone. Always think I'm hiding something... [Oh I always keep my shit locked so it’s no sneaking behind my back and checking my text messages and other nonsense.]! But I'm never hiding anything...just trying to avoid drama at all cost necessary. Prime Example to why I don’t let guys I date go through my shit: I was with an ex boyfriend one day after school. Senior year. He was holding my phone and I didn’t notice that it was unlocked. I was talking to him not even realizing he was browsing through my phone. Now I wasn’t gone flip out or anything because like I said he wasn’t gone find any REAL dirt. While he had the phone a guy friend of mine texts me. “So what you doing?"....Innocent text. [I was in no way interested in the guy textin my phone...we were just cool. Funny ass dude!] So he flips out. Why is [insert name here]--he knew the dude, he went to school with us--texting you? I'm like wtf? You know we cool...I can't help who text me shit. He was mad...thought I was talking to dude. So he sent back “I’m with my boyfriend [insert bf's name here]. I love him so much."...Um, dude seriously? Why feel that insecure. Another incident happened like that as well but it said “What’s up boo?"! Now I can’t help wtf these niggas decide to text me. So I just keep my phone to myself. One time my ex confiscated it...because I wouldn’t let him go through it on an earlier occasion. SO he confiscated my phone when I left the room. I noticed soon as I walked back in the room but didn’t say anything. I was going to let him go through it, if he found an “What’s up sexy?"...that’s his fault. I wasn’t doing any wrong. And he gave it back 20 minutes later and said “Here I was going to go through it...but I might be hurt if I found something. And I'm not gone do that to myself." I was like...ok, dude think I'm cheating just because I wouldn’t let him snoop in my phone the first time. No...! I just don’t want arguments started over niggas that mean NOTHING to me because they decide to add "boo", "baby”, “sexy", and all that other lame shit to the end of their casual texts.
ANYWHO back to the woman's problem. After 3 months, no I don’t think she should confront him. She should have done that shit 3 months ago. Leave that shit alone. You still either leave or deal with it. Get her insecure ass somewhere and sit down. People do dumb shit. Don’t snoop and you won’t find shit. It’s like when dumb brauds go and hack their boyfriends’ facebook account...and read all the shit and go crazy when they find a flirting inbox message. Smh at yo dumb ass....shouldn’t have been looking for anything. & Smh at his dumb ass for not covering shit up. People are saying "Well she wouldn’t have known he was pursuing other women if she didnt go through his phone." Well...if her ass aint doing shit but sitting idle anyway, she didn’t need to know! DONT GO THROUGH PEOPLES SHIT! [Especially if you know yo NIGGA is dumb and isn’t going to cover his tracks]Ok, this is a long rant....Ladies; Men...Tell me what you think. Until next time...Toodles!


Myne Whitman said...

I wouldn't have said it in so many or the same words but yeah you're right. They say eavesdroppers rarely hear good about themselves. Same with snooping...

Anonymous said...

Once people get hurt real bad by the one they love, it's not easy to trust anyone. Some times we have to "Know" our lover is faithful, prove it to ourselves. It might be wrong, but I think that's the reason.

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Yesssss!!! If you snoop you gonna find somethin !! and even if you dont you gonna turn watever you think you found into something bigger than it really is. I wish i would find a shortie goin thru my fone. Shxt would nt b pretty @ all.