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Saturday, December 19

Would you like my finger for assistance? Fuck you bruh!


So....Have I ever mentioned how quick tempered I am? And how when I do get mad.....I get BEYOND mad. Guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Bullshit ass fussing about absolutley nothing. As soon as I calm down from that I open an email from some random person...talking about my blog! Everyone is entitled to their opinion on things... and I TRY to respect everyones opinion. So for those who read my blog and dont like it...keep yo' ass moving. Ok? Dont write me talking about I cuss to much and I'm fake and all other bullshit. I mean why would you constantly come back to read what I have to say if you didnt like the first post. And...saying you dont like me? When YOU dont know me? Just because you read my shit dont mean you know me as a person, so kill that shit. Usually I would not take my time out to address bullshit ass people but the email was rude ass hell. You dont care for me and think I'm a silly bitch? Seriously...dude swear if I knew you at all...let me calm it down! Anywho...why do people that dont like what the hell I have to say come back and keep reading my shit? Just to complain about how much you hate me?...when you dont know me.! It's the first negative response verbalized to me about my blog through email! I should post their email, but I rather not. If you dont like my shit say it in a respectful tone...simply say I dont like how you conduct your blog...that is all, and take your ass on to the next. Anywho...I could care less if you dont like what I have to say..I mean this is my opinion on shit. You dont have to like it..dont mean I'm gone read it and have a breakdown or nothing.I mean who the fuck are you for me to really care? No one! Next time you want to insult my blog...keep it only about the blog. Dont refer to me as a silly bitch or attack my character as a person when you dont know me. Say what you got to say with out calling me out my damn name. Silly childish ass people! Ok...Rant over!Your 2 minutes of fame is up...! Sorry about that yall...I just hate when people think they KNOW me from my writting. No one KNOWS me but keep that shit moving!
P.S- The game comes on tonight. Go Cowboys....[smh]
Ok, Toodles!


Shay said...

negativity is so unnecessary . obviously they enjoy what they read , if they keep coming back . smh .

Queen2be said...

Hating on you because their unsatisfied with themselves.Has nothing to with you.

pennanddpaper said...

wow how childish of them ! look at how they are conducting themselves by feeling the need to write you and tell you about yourself. what do they say about throwing stones at a glass house... apply it whoever wrote Robyn the email, fareal.

anyway, keep the posts coming. i love em !

madd love.

MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

That's the type of stuff that pisses me off! I was receiving all kinds of notifications from folks in my fam and others about the ish i was posting on facebook. which is why I got a blog, but damn.. if u can't even post on ya blog w/o folks tripping.. thats fucked up. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

xxxx said...

girl not to add fuel to the fire but fuck em.. tell em to chew dat ass... dont sweat small people and small shit..whoever sent you that email is a simple ass fool.. thats it they simple as fuck and need to sit down.. dont let the negativity get to you.. i love your blog and so do others.. thats all that matters.

Traci Lavette said...

Girl! No need for apologies, I completely understand. It trips me out that people continue to come back when they supposedly don't like what you have to say. But to the point of disrespecting you for expressing your opinion...that shit is NOT cool.

That's the kind of mess that makes you want to find out who somebody is and have a face-to-face chat. Pitiful!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i'm mad you used that picture cause i swear i got the same one i was gonna use on my blog. still gonna use

i feel where you're coming from. it's kinda unnecessary, especially if they don't know you & you didn't ask their opinion. just "kanyeshrug" it off and move on. they'll be alright, they'll just get a new blog name and follow you again lol.

khaki said...

you need me to send you my "have a nice cup of shut the fuck up" pic?
just say the word LOL