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Saturday, December 12

Sick of Award post?...Sorry I cant help it :)!

So....I received another award! :) Yahh! This lovely award was given to me by the wonderful Keenya over at Golden Mind! She is HILARIOUS! Seriously. She doesnt blog as much as I would like to read...but I do love her writtings when she posts! :) If you havent checked her out...Gone head and do that NOW! & Follow her on twitter...good entertainment.. :)! Anywho, I'm lazy and hate following rules! But, This time I'll try to switch it up...give it to some new bloggers or ones I find just off the wall different! :) So babies dont feel offended if I dont award you.Ok, I'm timing myself to see how long  I take to do this post. Following the rules..which include awarding 7 people with the award...and telling 7 facts about me! :) Ok, so here goes.
7 Random Facts about me:
  •  I recently realized I'm a tad bit stuck up. I know I shouldnt look at people and think they are beneath me...but I do sometimes. So sue me?..I'm workin' on it! Promise!
  • I love feeling useful. Like helping people out with things...I makes me feel so good.
  • I'm REALLY mean. And a tad bit psychotic! I got it from my mother...I like to think Im a little less crazy than she is! :)
  • This whole not havin' sex thing....pshhh, shit starting to seriously fuck with my mind! Yea, Im pretty sure I will be considered an "addict" in the future. Pretty damn sure! :)
  • I'm frustrated with this whole going natural thing already. My edges get ridiculous. But I have to keep tellin myself that I can do this! [Tips & stuff would be greatlt accepted! :)]
  • I always think Im better when Im not in a relationship..but I'm pretty sure its when I'm  in one. But being single has really helped me evaluate and better myself! :)!
  • Black is my favorite color! Purple is my secondary!

Re-reading the rules from her page..I totally did that wrong. Was supposed to tell 7 things I love...well that took 12 oh well! lol, Random facts are better! :)

Ok...and finally the award goes to :
Moe over at You know you dead azz wrong
With love___starz over at with love,starz
Chanel over at The Rainbow Room
Simone and Cynthia over at The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Enigma Jones over at Life and Times of a Trifling Chick
Jennifer Wilmer over at Inside JStar's Head
Leila over at Black Girl With Long Hair

It's soo many other Kreative blogs but it took me 1hour and 30 minutes to do this whole post. Smh, then it actually disappered..I was efinetly about to flip the hell out! lol..anywho Enjoy. You dont have to follow the rules or none of that nonsense! Thanks for following me everyone! :)  Until next time...Toodles! :)


Neesh B Fly said...

haha Love the Random Facts

Secretia said...

You are always fun to read, Robyn!

Supastarrr said...

=0 you're going natural?!
get ittttttt

xxxx said...

haha now u make me want to list seven random facts about me.. lol.. next post and i will try to post more promise... lol

JStar said...

Awww I am honored!!! Thanks :) Yea, the going natural can be frustrating but it will be all worth it when you hair is used to it :)

Don said...

yeah jstar be doing her poetry thing.

i would have believed that you are stuck up. maybe you have good reason to believe certain people are beneath you.

being single and being in a relationship, if asking, both have their fair share of rewards as well as drawbacks.

don't worry, sex isn't going anywhere.

IgboBaby said...

Awww, thanks Robyn!! I'd like to accept this award on behalf of Simone and I ;)

Chanel said...

awww yall r gonna make my blog grow an ego and shit! Thank you for this hun. So does this mean i gotta pass it on and do the 7 things i love??