They pretty much adore me :)

Saturday, December 10

Addicted. Just another nympho freak.


I want you to understand how hard this is for me.
How hard it is...going without it.

I'm addicted to orgasms.
Addicted to the rush of energy through my body.
The release of all the tension of my day.
Addicted to the sense of calmness it brings me.

Maybe you're wondering why I didn't say that I was just addicted to sex.
Maybe you think I mean sex.

I mean I am fully addicted to orgasms.

See me...I've never cum during sex.
I've never had an orgasm from intercourse.

And as much as I LOVE sex, I can go without.
Orgasms...I cannot.

I have to have at least one a day.
But I usually have two.
Self pleasure is a necessity for me.

I've gone through extreme lengths just to...cum.
Even when I'm getting dicked down on a regular, I still have to assist myself daily.

So in a sense, I'm addicted to masturbating.
Because I'm the only one who knows how to make me squirt.
How to make it trickle slowly from my sugar walls.

I can do it in 2 minutes,
or serenade myself for hours.

But self-pleasure only makes me crave sex more.
Crave to be filled in ways only another could do.
No plastic.
I want to feel the throbbing inside of me.
Want him to be able to feel me when I clench my walls around it,
Hear him telling me how good it feels.
Wrapping my mouth around the warm beautiful brown skin...
feeling it pulsate as it builds up...
Knowing that I'm working for his nutt.
Knowing that this pussy has him addicted.
All things that a plastic dick cannot do for me.

I have a problem.
I'm addicted to orgasms.
Orgasms brought by myself.
And orgasms make me feind for sex.

Maybe I'm just a nympho...who isn't getting enough.

Friday, December 9

Counting down the days...

I'm not really sure when EXACTLY he's coming home.
But I know that it's soon.
Soon, and I cannot wait to see his face.

I adore him, in every sense of the word.
I'm sure he won't really agree with my decision, but it's better than nothing. I'm ready for these fantasies to be taken care of. To begin this plutonic friendship after the fun is over.
It's crazy.
He's been the only dick in me for almost the past 3 years.
Last one besides him was the ex.
Valentines day 2009.
Since then, it's only been him.

Maybe that's why I don't really care to branch out.
Find replacement dick.
Because I'm completely satisfied with him.

Unless I can get a guarantee that the next will do it like him,or better...I don't want it.
I don't even want to try.

But there is absolutely no way in hell that I will limit myself to dick only when he visits.
That would mean that I would be celibate for majority of the year...with maybe 2 visits from him.

Fuck no, right now that sounds insane.
But it only SOUNDS insane.

I've gone without it for the last 5 months.
Waiting...for him to come back. Isn't that crazy?

I've needed it.
NEEDed it.
& I don't just want to go out and find random dick.
Nor do I really want a relationship or to be in love with anyone else.
The problem. I only want him, so the option of someone else has become non-existent.

But my sex drive is too high for me to continue doing this.
Because if I had the option to fuck him EVERYday I would.
Every morning.
Every night.
Surprise mid-day sex.
Smh, I wish I could go back to a time when all of that was an option.
We'd bang like rabbits.

When he gets here, I need to have all of my fantasies in order. I only want him to fulfill them. And if this is going to be the last few times, then I need to make it count.

Counting down the days...
The hours, the minutes, ...the seconds.