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Friday, December 18

TMi?...Naw, It's just an award! :x

So.....I have ANOTHER award! Yes! Ya'll know how lazy I am and how I HATE following rules...BUT, I'm gone gone head and do this one right! Ok, SO I was  given the award by two different bloggers. First given by the amazing Ms. Cook[.The Poet] over at Musik&Soul! Definitely love reading her post. Most of her poems hit home [& they are damn good poems!]--and her opinion on other always a nice read! Secondly, Ms. Reese over at Sweet Insanity and Sarcasm! Always a pleasure to read [she told me I had to follow the rules..blah! lol]! Her take on things are quite interesting AND her tidbits of her life events..funny and enlightning to read.! Thank you ladies sooo much! If you arent already familiar with these two ladies run on over there[or click on over there..whatever]..and do that NOW!...Ok on to the Rules..blah! :)


*post the award on your blog
*list 8 things a voyeur / peeping tom could potentially catch you doing if they were watching you
*award up to 8 bloggers who match the criteria of this award
*make sure they know you enjoy peeping through their windows

8 Things a Voyeur/Peeping Tom could catch me doing--
.1 Singing my heart out to whatever slow song that pops up on my playlist! [Can't sing worth shit!]
.2 Shaking my ass around the room in very little OR dancing although i never do it when im out unless im buzzed. Smh!
.3 Snapping photos of myself...I love taking pictures..and I love why not?
.4 really relaxes me![Love arts of all kinds!]
.5 On my laptop...Youtube, Twitter, Blogger, or Googling some strange question.
.6 Writting...have to keep my thoughts in order! And reading, LOVE reading!
.7 Watching some amazing pornstar do incredible tricks...hey just being real!
.8 [Probably the craziest one:] Umm, well...because i dont REALLY open up to anyone I talk quite often when I'm alone. Out loud. AND...I actually have a person from my past that I go to with all my problems and talk to them as if they are really there. My mind adds there response automatically[even their laugh]...crazy as shit right? I dont really care that you think I'm crazy...everyone has odd quirks to them. [Thats definitely only one of many!]

So...8 people fit for the award..what does that mean? Does it mean that I feel like they give me TMi in a good way?..or the ones I like to "peep" on the most?...Hmmm, since this is a TMi award. I'm going to pick 8 bloggers who could probably get me moist on their writting skills alone. [I mean that is the straightest way :)!]

And the award goes to...
--Mae, Wifepoo, & A la belle etoille over at Chocolate For Aphrodite
--She Hate Me over at Blogs of the Invisible Soul
--Jennifer Wilmer over Inside JStar's Head
--Val over at Planet Pro-tron
--Mo over at Truthfully Mo
--Rippa over at The Intersection of Madness and Reality
--Ashante Lott over at .These words were made up
--Fabulo-la over at Me. And then some

Most of these being mostly poetry blogs! :) I LOVE poetry..pretty much obsessed with it and anyone who can write into my heart [or my panties ;)] I appreciate reading! & of course I'm giving it back to Cook and Reese! :)! See how I followed the rules to the tee?...Ya'll dont have to do that...AT ALL! lol, be lazy like me and just enjoy babes! Welcome new followers! :) ! Hope your learning things about me...I'm really not as weird as I sound...[I'm in denial] :)! Hmmm...had some things to discuss, but I'm too tired to try to type another post tonight. I'll do it in the morning...well whenever I decide to roll out of my bed tomorrow! Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were recognized ahain, Robyn. Your blog is uniquely interesting.


JStar said...
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JStar said...

Awwww...I am soooo honored :)

Bubbles said...

amen to number 7

Supastarrr said...

&& 3 is def me lol

Cook.ThePoet. said...

L0L!! Yay!! Your following rulesz! Good job. && No prbo yuo deserve it =]

&& Yea I think for the 1st time the rulesz jus gonna have to take a pause cuz Im hella tired && got performancesz l8ta so im bout to hit the bed...ZzZzZzzz..


☆Reese said...

*clutching pearls* YOU DID IT? Lmao ooh la la, it must be a new year around the corner (kidding) lol. I'm glad to be able to 'peep' in on you.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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RoByn LaTice said...

@ am I supposed to contact you if I dont hv any information on you?...You contact email is on the side!