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Friday, December 11

Another Award? ...They really love me :)!

Hello lovlies! :) you can see I got another award! About a week ago..I'm late, so sue me?lol! Anywho..I was awarded this award by two lovely bloggers. The first was the wonderful Supastarrr over at Supastarrr, the co-ed! She is definitely one of my favorite bloggers! I loveeee her blog! :) It is hilarious and its always wonderful to see her point of view. The other was a recent discovery. The lovely Ms. Leiominala over at Leiomi Nala's Corner! [How do you prononce your name ma'am?]! I love her blog as well. On it she shares a lot of random tidbits. Some cute,funny, and just entertaining things! So if you havent checked these two lovely's out...Do so NOW! :)

And the award goes to....................*DRUMROLL*
Neesh B. Fly over at The Real Dish
Sylvia over at Photography by Me
Khaki over at Not All Baltimore Chicks are Stupid [My cousin was outraged I gave this award..based on your Nikki Minaj He is a die hard fan. Yes, HE! :)]
Ro over at Love, Faith and Hope
Juicy Carter over at Juicy Carter
Keenya over at Golden Mind
E Dot Dizzy over at E Dot Dizzy
Lalaliybean over at DESSERT or disaster
She Hate Me over at Blogs of the Invisible Soul
Ashante Lott over at .These words were made up
Cook The Poet over at Musik&Soul
Secretia over at Secret Story Time
her. over at A swirl of My World
Darling Nikky& Kia Poison over at Tasteless Diamonds

AND of coarse back to Supastarr and Leiomi Nala!
There are rules to this award and I honestly hate following the rules. It takes forever. This post took me about 2 hour to complete..maybe Im slighly off?lol..who knows...anywho ya'll dont have to follow the rules. Just enjoy! :)
Thanks to all my wonderful followers. Thanks for taking the time out to read my thoughts..I really do love and appreciate you all! :) ok..Toodles!


xxxx said...

awww thanks again hun.. its an honor..

My World said...


Ro said...

you so deserve the award. and thanks....Have a a great weekend chick.

Supastarrr said...

you're welcome love! && your blog goes hard too, duhh =]

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Awwww! Thnx ma. I really appreicate it =]


Myne Whitman said...

Congrats on your award

Ashante Lott said...

I see me in there. Thanks.

Secretia said...

Congratulations to you Robyn! You deserve it because you always tell it like it is!

Thanks you for passing the Award to me too! I actually don't do much, just provide a place for my readers to sometimes unburden themselves, they do all the work.

And another thanks, for your socially conscious post about the sexual abuse of children, it helps to promote public awareness, which is the only thing that may reduce this awful crime.

Sincerely Thanking You, Secretia

Neesh B Fly said...

Congrats Girl..your blog is one of my favorites and Thanks for the award i didn't even kno you awarded me goin to put this on my blog now thanks again ;)