They pretty much adore me :)

Saturday, December 19

Who Dat say they gone beat them Saints...Well I'm sure my boys said it...BITCHES! :x

Shit you already know why I'm here. You do know...right?! Who dat say they gone beat them Saints? Well MY motherfuckin' COWBOYS! Yea bitches! Oooooooh-Weeeeee! I admit I had my doubts but...they came through! Aghhhhhh, I love my BOYS!

Dear Boys:
Sorry for doubting you all. No doubt yall are the shit. That is all!
- Robyn

Now, I'm about to party my ass off. Yes I'm in a good ass mood! GOOO COWBOYS! Hell yea! Saints I like yall but I LOVE my boys! Ok, Toodles!


xxxx said...

arent you happy.. good for them and you lol

Anonymous said...

Cowboy football is always good!

Anonymous said...

I hate the Cowboys, but I hate the Saint even more. So I happy ya'll were able to win!

Indigo said...

May the best team win

princessvalecia said...

I'm still loving my boo Reggie though you the cowboys or Kim K. can never take that away!

sunshinestar110 said...

yyyyyyaaaaayyyy!!!! How about those Cowboys!!!!

Don said...

this post hurt my feelings. ha. yeah y'all did the damn thing i cnot tell a lie, but we will see y'all again in the playoffs.

payback is mugg. lol.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

only reason the Cowboys won, was to totally kill any chance of the Falcons getting into the playoffs. for that i say...FUCK dem cowboys lol.

yes..i'm bitter.