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Friday, November 20

" Yea babe, you can fuck my best friend! " <--- PART 2!!! [Guest Blogger]

Ok, so the story on the post below is missing some parts that I didnt mention. And because of that I will post it from the sorce's opinion! She has the words directly from Amanda's mouth.  So, From the voice of Reem -My bestie- ::
*[My Commentary will be bracketed and shaded like such!]*

Sharing is definitely not caring…..It’s nasty as hell! Ladies Rule #1 of the Girl Code: Don’t fuck your friend’s ex, boo, plaything, dick on the side (I think that’s the same as plaything) etc.! It’s just nasty as hell! [Nasty and trashy as hell!] Now a few people who know my situation might call me a hypocrite for sayin this. a couple of years ago, I broke the rule and I started talking to this guy that my friend was also talking to…but had I felt that he and I didn’t have a connection I NEVER would’ve talked to him! Anywho me and the girl are on cordial terms...blah blah whatever! [Lol, they situation was way different from this bullshit ass fuckery…I promise!]Now back to the topic! Here’s the scenario: Andre texted Amanda and pretty much said, “Is it ok if I fuck your best friend Yoyo?” Amanda replied, “Sure go ahead!” Now in my mind Amanda’s response was this: “Sure you can fuck my friend I don’t have any morals and she’s a hoe so you might get lucky!” [Lmao, couldnt have put it better myself!]Now a little history on Andre&Amanda they fucked around for a while about a year ago and Amanda had feelings for him, she was even about to fight her “friend” Shannon for getting “drunk” and fucking him! Shannon and her got over it and she continued to fuck Andre….Smh, these hoes today. So you guys can imagine how shocked I was to find out that she gave Yoyo and Andre permission to fuck! IN THE SAME DAMN HOUSE! Her excuse was that she no longer had feelings for Andre and he could do as he pleased! In my opinion a man is only going to do what you allow him to do! So if she says yea you can fuck my friend, he’s gonna pull his dick out and get to work! Now Yoyo was completely wrong! When Amanda came to her with this she should’ve said no I will not fuck him…I don’t get down like that! She protested for a few minutes before eventually giving in…Smh….stupid hoe! [Meaning Amanda actually talked her best friend into sleeping with her ex…wtf? I didn’t think it was possible for these hoes to get dumber.] Also in my opinion Yoyo probably wanted to fuck him from the very beginning! Now a hoe is gonna be a hoe! So if Amanda said it was ok then I guess she thought it was ok. No matter how many ways you flip the story, well Amanda said it was ok, he was just a piece of dick to her, he’s to blame, blah blah everybody was in the wrong! I believe that Amanda and Yoyo have serious self-esteem issues! I mean telling your friend she can fuck your old dick on the side is not ok! Definitely not! And agreeing to fuck your friend’s dick on the side means that you have low self-esteem and you need your ass whooped! [Girl let this had been me and you, we would have been two knocking bitches!] I don’t care if his dick was 9 inches and he had a double-jointed tongue! NO NO NO! UGH! Amanda has a problem with talking about how good her sex partner’s sex game is! If you know your friend is a hoe, don’t tell her how good your man is licking and deep stroking the kitty! She’s only going to wonder how it would feel to have him do the same things to her! [Ladies that don’t already have common sense enough to know this, this is some real ass shit...keep it between you and him if ya girl is a hoe!]These girls definitely don’t live by the girl code! Yoyo needs to go to the gynecologist and get tested! (NO WALLS) [Hell yeah, She one of the bitches that could go on a shopping spree if she had a dollar for every nigga that done hit.]She is most definitely goin' goin' gone guys….i know this for a fact! [If yall don’t know, when a girl is goin', she's a hoe fuckin with a lot of niggas!!& to think me and that trick were fucking the same guy for a LONG as time, Smh I need to slap my damn self.]Sigh….Amanda needs to get a grip on reality…Sharing is not caring…it only causes more problems…even though she said she was ok with it….deep down she probably isn’t! [If she truly is ok with it something wrong with her ass…well something deeper than her OBVIOUS issues!]Andre…well he needs to get his ass tested too! [Ughhh, definitely...I hope they used some damn condoms.]And he better not even think to ask her if he can play with my kitty! DISMISSED! BLOOP! Thank you guys for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Kisses!

[LMAO, I love how she put this whole thing! Best friends think alike. Dismissed. Bloop! Lmao!  Thoughts and Comments knowing the added information?! ]


Anonymous said...

It can really get into a big messy fight with lots of people involved. We even have a say in what our ex's are doing! Plus they talk out of turn about us with our "friends" and stories get around that wouldn't have.

xxxx said...

its all just a mess

Myne Whitman said...

This is way too messed up. Not that I agree with that girl code thing though..