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Sunday, November 8

Niggas pullin' stunts and shit..

Whoa. New followers *screams and waves frantically in my ghetto-est voice* "HEY Y'ALL!"! Lol. I’m really happy to have new followers though. It makes me soooo happy.

[--This photo is definetly over used in blogs--]

Anywho just a minute ago I was on facebook and saw this note that some dude wrote. It had me tripping out. I would post it but its hella long. The gist of the note was basically a guy telling other guys to get their shit together because he got caught up today and almost lost the love of his life. In the note he stated that he was in love with his current girlfriend but was still messing with his ex. He said he thought he was trying to be in love with both of them when the reality was he just didn’t know how to tell his ex that he was indeed in love with his new girl. And how today it all fell apart before his eyes, but he finally told the truth to everyone involved. He is still with his current girlfriend and now he and his ex are done, supposedly fareal. [In case she is reading: This is no offense to you at all, just want to discuss the situation and my opinion on it.] Now I know this guy, and the two girls he was talking about in the note. In my opinion him writing the whole note was just a huge attempt to get back on good terms with his current girlfriend. I personally don’t believe that he has changed or that he is really going to be faithful to her. The whole situation was just messy. And who do I blame? Not the ex, not the current...but that dumb ass nigga. Ughhh, he fucked up two girl’s hearts in one day. I mean completely tore them down, and now he says he's learned his lesson in a day. In one day because he ALMOST lost the love of his life. BULLSHIT! Bull fuckin' shit. In my opinion he is a dumbass. Plain and simple. Some girl commented on his note and said "Look at yo ass growing up. Proud of you." which yea, he is seeming to have grown from the situation but I think it’s just a stunt. A stunt that will temporarily work and make his current girl feel like the most special girl in the world. I said I think its bullshit. I think his note was just hella messy. He didn’t have to put the exes name in there...because he led her on for so long. They were on and off for 2 years...I just would have been like "what the fuck" if I were her. When I saw that I was like wtf was this dude thinking. He just messy...and this shit was uncalled for. Anyway that doesn’t have anything to do with me, but I had to write about it. Simply because he said and I quote:

"I Was still talking to [insert ex's name here]...Yall know who she is...she put up with me for 2 years...and I was trying this whole time to love the two....Not because I wanted to love her...because I was too afraid and not man enough to tell my past...I LOVE [insert current girlfriend name here] With all my heart...N this is my closure to all that I have ever hurt or met in my life time..."
[Keep in mind that dude is only 20.]

If I were the ex I would have been too mad, and my reaction would have been on some "thin line between love and hate" type shit. [Yea, Im kind of what?!]Smh. Am I the only one that thinks this is some bullshit ass fuckery?! Ughhh, silly niggas!Until next time babes...Toodles!


khaki said...

yeah, im trying to understand why the facebook message? Fail

A.R. said...

to be 20, he should know better, there are only two people in a relationship, not three.

4 sided freak :DD said...


xxxx said...

thats a mess

RoByn LaTice said...

khaki- DEFINITE fail. Smh!

A.R.-Agreed, and he tagged like 20 something ppl in the note. Just silly-ness.

4 sided freak :DD- lol. Sprint. Yeap.

xxxx- Ikr, he need to get it together.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

lmbo...yeah he "learned" he messed up...& idk that he learned from it or if he just learned that getting caught is no joke! Seems like he feels GUILTY, and guilt can lead a man down the right path if he's scared straight, but still...what if he never got caught??? then what ;)

he'd still be undercover & really, if he questioned whether he could love two...his girl needs to ask herself how he could even love one & then she needs to be honest & ask herself is she's that "one" or is she just caught up in some tangled web her spider-man feels obligated to fix???

RoByn LaTice said...

lol, Agreed! Every single word Agreed! They whole situation just crazy.

sunshinestar110 said...

So did he think that the fb message was gonna make him look better? Cause it sure as hell didn't. And if i was both of the girls i would let his ass be...ALONE!! cause he ain't shit at all.

her . said...

fuckery lol . effin lovee iht .

dude : total ass .
females involved : unless were totally blind, hadd to kno wuht wass uhp.

ppl juss need to grow uhp andd be adults . yur 20 !!

RoByn LaTice said...

sunshine- yes. i believe thats what he was going for.And he aint shit. If I were either i'd stop messing with them to..but to each its own.

her- lol. One knew what was up...the other didnt. And yes agreed. They need to grow up.