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Sunday, November 22

Quick Weekend Recap


Quick little weekend that I won’t feel like I’m deserting my blog.

Wow, I'm at 50 followers! I'm soooo happy! Hello new followers! :)! Welcome to my crazy highly opinionated blog. Ok, so this Weekend was pretty good. Went home, spent time with the family. I saw New Moon with my sister and best friends. Reem was being her normal self---Ally was being bi-polar; which I guess is her normal self. The movie was off the fuckin' chain. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it I suggest you go watch it. Damn good movie. And Taylor with his fine ass...Mmmm, shit I'd take him over Robert P. any day. Anywho...Oh before we went to the movies, we stopped by McDonald's. We were sitting down eating and I was applying lip gloss. My sister asks "Is that the lip gloss that broke out that boy [my ex]" and I say "Nope, it was the cover girl lip gloss"...and Karimah says “Broke him out where...On his penis?"! When I say I was beyond shocked that she just said this in front of my little sister who I DO NOT discuss my sex life or the existence of one to--it is an understatement. I was like " What the fuck...No, on his mouth."! I was sooo uncomfortable...but I'm laughing so hard about it now. Anywho over the weekend some form of sickness has attacked my ass. I don’t really know what it is...but I feel like death. Ughhh. I’m having like heat flashes...while my body is shivering and stuff. And my head is pounding...Ughhh, I better be better before Thanksgiving. For once I'm actually sleepy. I don’t usually sleep at night...because I can't, my body usually won’t allow me...but I guess this medicine has me drowsy. Ok, life story. Oh yea...hvae I mentioned Im a HUGE Cowboys fan?! I dont think I have...! We took another win today [barely], but a win is a win! Anywho.I hope yall's weekend went great. I have to make my blog rounds and catch up with you all tomorrow! I should be back to my shit talking self tomorrow. Until then...Toodles!


Neesh B Fly said...

Moving on up!!! But yeah i need to go see it i been busy but i think Taylor is Cute but i'm Team Edward.. btw i love reading your blog girl alot of interesting things on here..

Abena said...

Saw New Moon yesterday and I loved it!

Get well soon.

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Feel better! The Lip gloss story is crazy! smh..

~Nina of AF

Supastarrr said...

LMAO @ your friend. smh.
&& get well! you can't eat turkey lookin like a just cant.

Myne Whitman said...

New moon was great, I liked it too. I LOL @ your friend's question. SMH

D.V. said...

lol glad to follow ya adventures ma. lol damn kids grow up so fast..mentally at least..although they regress at times...anyway


RoByn LaTice said...

Neesh B Fly- lol,but Taylor is fine as hell in New Moon. Mmm. & Thanks!:)

Abena- Thanks so much!:)

Kelly- lol, ikr! Thanks!

Supastarr- lmao. You are totally,I just, thanks!

Myne- lol! Thanks for reading!

D.V- lol, thanks for reading!

Don said...

A Cowboy fan? Good. Now I have another person to rag when my beloved Saints kick ass and take names in ummm less than two weeks.