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Sunday, November 15

*Gasp*....I feel like a star: And the Award goes to...

*screaming excitedly*: LOVELY'S I GOT AN AWARD.! Yes, little ole me got an award. I'm so happy about this. My first blog award was given to me earlier today by SYLVIA over at * Photography by Me * . She's so sweet. I like that she has so much variety in her posts, so you never get bored visiting.! Her blog is very entertaining and she takes some pretty badass pictures. If you havent checked her out...Do so NOW! :)

I'm not required to do anything but accept the award really, but I do want to give it to those other bloggers who have shown me support! [Sidenote: Could I give someone who rewards me the same award back?..What about if they created the award?..If so, I'd like to give it back to Sylvia! :)]

[Isn't this the cutest award ever?]

Those who have shown me constant support and deserve the award:
**  I would also give it to Reem and Meech becaue they follow my blog and comment when needed since the beginning..but those whores dont have blogs! Booo...but I appreciate yall too :)
Ughhh, I feel like I missing someone. If I missed you and youve constantly shown me love...I'm sorry! Truly! I know how some of yall dont like making post dedicated to awards and you dont have to if you dont want to, Anywho..enjoy guys! I really appreciate you all! Ok, Toodles! :)


Secretia said...

Robyn, Thanks for your award! I appreciate it.
I always enjoy your blog too, and I'll be here often.

Have a great Sunday now.


Supastarrr said...

thanks so much Robyn!
your blog is the shit
&& your too fuckn cool

Ro said...

I posted a reply from my raggedy ass phone earlier but I guess it didn't post. I really enjoy your post/blog...a person with thier own mind...thats whats up.

I do have thoughts on the cheating and these friendships. Hell I'm confused..LOL

RoByn LaTice said...

You all are welcome! MORE than deserving of it! :)!