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Monday, November 9

What gives you the right?!


Today I was going to discuss more sappy relationship shit. Today I was going to be all in my feelings and discuss my problems. I didn’t feel like ranting about anything UNTIL I was browsing through blogs and saw just something unacceptable in my opinion. [I don’t remember her blog address but this is in response to her.]
She posted this picture that she found on facebook:

She said that this was one of her facebook friends. She also stated that 'her friends were being nice and could only find her shoes to comment on, not one had the decency to give her criticism'. And since they were holding back the truth she took it upon herself to "be real" by saying "Babe, you're big. Cover up."

............What the fuck? Who says shit like that...who writes shit like that on peoples pictures?! Now the reason this bothers me soo much is just because she said "you’re big". Was that really necessary?--She should have just said cover up...but throwing in that "your big" just makes her inconsiderable. I’m not a small girl so this really gets under my skin. [Read my "Since when does small equal sexy?" post *HERE* to learn more on my weight issue! ] It really pissed me off reading it. I mean who the fuck are you to think you have the authority to say this to this girl? Her point was to discuss why people hold back their true feelings? Why do people hesitate to comment if they disagree? Well...probably so that they won’t come off looking like the inconsiderate asshole. To keep the peace. I'm not a follower of the whole “If you don’t have anything nice to say don't say it at all." phrase. BUT if you gone sit and say some mean ass shit be as nice as possible. And that shit just wasn’t cool. I mean personally if someone left me a comment like that on one of my pictures we would have a HUGE problem. Not for saying that I’m big, but just for being a bitch bold enough to test me on facebook. Now I personally want to know the girls response to “Babe, you're big. Cover up."! I really want to know what she said. I hope she just laughed it off and marked her as childish, because that for damn sure was not a mature way to handle the situation.

People hold back because it’s a sign of maturity. You can’t always spit out what’s going through your mind...sometimes it has to be censored. I’m saying this shit and I’m as bitchy as they come. Censoring what’s in your mind before it comes from your mouth is a sign of maturity. I understand writing about it in your blog and rambling on the subject there but actually having the huge nuts to say that to that girl...Who the fuck are you to go there?! ....My response to the subject was:

"Hmm, I was definitely with you on previous post I've read. But this one. No ma'am. Everyone isn’t going to be a stick figure. Weight is a touchy subject for women and that comment alone was insensitive and could have definitely destroyed her. Ouch. She could stand to wear a higher waist skirt, but saying she’s big and cover up? Come on now, that’s just crazy. AND she isn’t even that big, just has excess stomach. If she is confident enough to wear it, I say she flaunt it, without having people tear her down about it. That’s just like someone telling a thin girl she needs ass to wear short shorts...or bigger breast to wear certain tops. They already know there flaws, if they are comfortable in their skin let them do them!"

Now, I’m not smashing 'Ms Dufa'. I don’t agree with her choice on this blog topic...she could have had better taste in what she said to that girl. The rest of her topics I agree with, and she has a pretty nice site. [BTW I found the address---Visit her*HERE*!] She also made a good point. "When most people want to comment on your post and it’s contrary to your opinion or public opinion, they'll comment as anonymous. Why? Is it the fear that the person will retort or not visit your blog again or that the person's followers will attack you. I just don't get it." --I think it’s just because people don’t want to tear other bloggers down. No sense in destroying them. Now me, ya'll can comment whatever. If you agree, cool. If you don’t, cool. I know people aren’t always going to agree but I look forward to hearing the two different opinions on my topics! I never write anonymous whether I agree or disagree because there is always a nice way to say that you disagree. ALWAYS! Am I the only one that thinks this was out of place? Where is the line between being real and being just plain rude?! Ok, until next time...Toodles.


xxxx said...

i think that it is very inappropriate for her to come at the picture like that ( i cant say the girl cause she did not directly address the female in the picture) but she telling someone they are too big to wear something does not solve a problem, if you are going to criticize do it with tact and make sure it is constructive criticism. dont just be commenting on something to hear yourself talk. saying "babe you'r big, cover up" is not going to do anything but upset someone. had a skinny female with a pudge in her stomach wore the same outfit it still wouldnt be appropriate so size really has nothing to do with it. just because someone is skinny/slim does not mean that everything they wear are appropriate or look good on them so that comment was not warranted and she needs to correct herself. just my opinion

Secretia said...

I never want to hurt anyone!

E's said...

Naw, you don't bust a person out like that. Damn just: "you big, cover up". That's harsh...

She looks fine, maybe different blouse choice would've helped, but she's cool if she's confident about it.

I like ppl who check folks, I try to be that good shit.

[The Adopted Brother] said...

Girl yo blog is on fire! I love it! Its been a couple of days since I been reading but damn you hotter than Obama on this bitch. Just wanted to give props to my sis :)
Love the signature/banner tooo!!!

Oh and the bitch that said she was to big?
send her my way and I'll handle her.

sunshinestar110 said...

That's she posted right there was some rude and unnecessary shit! why in the world would u say a thing like that to a person. I hope it wasn't one of her real friends who did that cuz i would have to cut that heffa the fuck off asap! Some people never take in how others will feel when u say and do shit!

Supastarrr said...

first off, i'm lovin your blog!
secondly, she's in the wrong completely for sayin "you're big". I'm quite an honest bitch && i can honestly say I wouldn't think her bein big has nothing to do w| her coverin up.
If it was a skinny bitch w| the same outfit, short skirt, yada yada, hell yahh she'd have to cover up too. but her bein skinny wouldn't have anything to do w| it. point blank, it wouldn't be a good look.
she didn't have to take it to that level at all.

RoByn LaTice said...

xxxx-Yes the outfit still would have been horrible regardless. She was just out of line.

Secretia- Most people are like that, for the most part I am too. Hurting people intentionally is just childish.

E's- I know right. You just dont do tht. & Thanks :)!

Meech- lol, I love you bro. Thanks so much! :).

sunshinestar- I hope it wasnt either, cause thats just a no go.

superstarr- Thanks:). Agreed, the weight wouldnt change this outfit, and her comment was just unnecesary.

Thank you all for the comments! :)!