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Wednesday, November 11

Just another YouTube video:

Okay so I know this video is SUPER old. And I'm sure most of you have seen it. Most of you have probably even laughed about it. But for some reason I just don't find it funny:
[This post is in NO way to offend those who actually find this funny.. and if you're going to take offense to MY opinion you might want to leave now...ok, you've been warned! :)]

While watching it I was thinking “Oooh I wish my child would...” What does a parent think when they see their child behaving like this. Why would any parent condone it? Do they think it's cute?! Do they say "Aww, his little foul mouth is sooo cute, let's put it on YouTube so that everyone can see how cute he is"? I just don’t get it. If it were my child they would have a severe ass whooping. And I promised that I wasn’t going to even whoop my child when they came...but I'm slowly changing my mind on that. Anywho...this is not appropriate behavior for a child. Hell, it's not cute on anyone. Not me, not anyone. When in public my cursing is very minimal, but chilling with my girls and writing I’m as bad as a sailor. I'm vulgar; I don’t take pride in that. [But then again I don’t really give a fuck.] I know when to control it; I know when to hold my tongue. I know that cursing doesn’t get my point across...and I know how to be VERY professional. Anyway the comments on this video are either about how funny he is how sad it is, or race. Why is everything on YouTube turned into a race issue? There are white people on there saying " And people wonder why I hate Niggers.' or shit like “This has just set you niggers back 100 more years." Then black people come back saying shit like " Fuck off you racist white trash cracker. Who the fuck told you to comment." Now all of these statements are completely RACIST. The white people had no right to comment saying Nigger this and that, and the black people calling them racist while calling them white trash crackers exhibits racism as well. It’s ridiculous. Personally it bothered me that the child was black. Just because he was portraying pure ignorance and I did not approve. But if it were a white child I would have disapproved just as much. A child is a child. Now of course race issues make me mad. EXTREMLY the shit pisses me off. No matter what the race, racism is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter if the child is black or white, why must everything be divided down to a race issue now days?! ...Oh and why do people think it’s cool to be internet bullies?

My comment on this video was: "This is beyond sad! He istoo young to be speaking like that. Its extremely disrespectful....his parents are probably ashamed!"
Me: Regardless of how much money he is making, his behavior is still sad and unacceptable for a child! & the parents still should be ashamed! Children should not behave like this; it especially bothers me that it happens to be a black child! He should have been taught better. He should KNOW better and DO better! Stop acting so ignorant! & regardless of your opinion, this isn’t cute! MY OPINION...point blank...period!

He then proceeded to send me a message saying I was a dumb bitch that needed to get a life and stop hating...that among many others foul things because of MY OPINION on a video. [& may I mention while calling me a "dumb bitch" he managed to spell 75% of his words wrong. But I’m the dumb bitch?]. Internet shit starters are bitches to me. It’s stupid to get into a full blown argument with someone on the internet. Because regardless at the end of the argument the two people are still going to disagree. Others commented as well saying if I didn’t like it I shouldn’t watch it. I came across this video on accident, not expecting him to be cursing when I pressed play. I did not watch it again after the first time and yes, I felt the need to express my opinion. It wasn’t in a rude way, wasn’t calling none of those YouTube idiots out or anything. I simply stated my opinion and moved on. And dude gave his opinion on my thoughts, which would have been fine but the way he responded was as ignorant as the video. Anywho leave me your comments and tell me your thoughts. Whether you agree or disagree, I want to hear it all! :) Until next time...Toodles!


Ro said...

Loving the site...and how you handled the above situation. This was only a movie but I've seen real life situations that make me actually wanna break down. So sad.
Oh and thanks for the comment we must be twins...First name Robbin....last name LAZZIIEEEE. :-)
Have a great day.

A.R. said...

smh, that video is sad.

Supastarrr said...

that's a damn shame.
props for how you handled the situation.
I'm a hot-headed jamaican so I can't even
be put in those types of ordeals lol.

but this child, like you said, shouldn't even be talking like this. People don't even care enough to raise their children correct. Shit like this definitely sets us back.

[The Adopted Brother] said...

Omigod I was there when you showed me that video! and them crazy comments!!! I must say you handled it with class, couldnt be me. He had the nerve to message you?? Aw hell no, it woulda been on and poppin! But yes the video is terrible and not funny in the slightest........

Anonymous said...

First, I love your new Picture on top of the blog! The kid put up a good fight for the money, I have to respect that!


RoByn LaTice said...

Ro- Thanks!Robbin Lazzie. Never seen that! i love it :)! And I'd never want to see this in real life. EVER.

A.R- i know. Ughh, makes me mad.

Superstar-Agreed. Some parents need to get it together. And lol,it took soo much out of me to be civil with tht dude.

Meech- You know Im crazy too, so u knew it took so much out of me to be cool with dude. Tryna show him tht I wouldnt be brought down to his level.

Secretia- Thanks :)! & lol...I guess.