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Sunday, November 15

Hacking Update :)!

Ok, first things first. I think they hacked my blog as well. In the friendship post it had a section about the added girl to our group. About how she went through a lot of bullshit with our "clique" we as a group were the definition of triflin towards her, and how I felt kind of bad about it. Being childish and all. And somhow that whole section came up missing..ANYWHO i found a way to "hack" into their [my best friends] profiles. Well one of their profiles on facebook. And it wouldnt really be what i consider hacking[more like identity theft!]. i had to go through a looong process where I could basically get her WHOLE account transferred over to my email! Making it so that she could NEVER log onto her account again..and couldnt even change the password..cause if she did it would come to my email address not her's. How you might ask?...Well since I know she's's a secret. BUT I only can do it for one of them...and thats not the one I want to get back. Nope. So until I'm able to get the other ones information and all that jazz...I will let by-gone's be by-gones. I dont care about any of their info..I just want payback! :) !, ok Toodles!


Anonymous said...

I like it that you know how to stand up for yourself!

RoByn LaTice said...

lol! Thanks!