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Thursday, October 29

You want to be a sideline?!, excuse me?

This week just started bad all together. But today, today has been a MUCH better day! Yes! Anywho, tonight I would like to discuss girls who FUCK with dudes that have girlfriends. [If you’re one of THOSE girls you might want to stop reading---this post is not meant to offend ANYONE, but if it be it!] So you've been warned...!

Todays Topic: Being one of THOSE girls...

So what is the beauty in being one of THOSE hoes...excuse me, one of those girls! What is so glamorous about being the other girl? In my opinion there is nothing glamorous about all. So why do sooo many women put themselves in this situation? I think that it's just a way of letting guys get away with being triflin'. In those girls minds they think the male cares more about them than they do their current girlfriends. When in all reality their there for pussy. Their fucking guys knowing that they have girlfriends that they care about...and shit to them that’s the best of both worlds. I mean can you blame them for taking the opportunity. They have convenient pussy [THOSE girls] and they have the girl they want to talk to, be with, sex, love, and vibe with on that level. Because THOSE girls can’t really trip when he says he's on the phone with his girl, or that he's out with her...or when he doesn’t respond or acknowledge them in public when their together. Smh.

So where are the positives in this situation? If the man cared about them that much he would leave his girl as soon as he developed those feelings...right? But instead he's claiming to the world that he loves this certain girl he's with...and where are THOSE girls? In the background...of no importance! Now some do it because they LOVE these guys. This is even worse. Every woman deserves better than being a sideline. Clearly they are the other girl because they didn’t quite meet the requirements to be his girl...meaning they weren’t good enough. It makes me sooo mad to see stuff like this. I think it’s silly and I always wonder what goes through their minds. Knowing that what they have has to stay hidden, never public. [Its some guys who make their sideline public...and to me that just means they aint worth shit. Just triflin’ all the way around because it means they don’t care enough about neither...] and to those who just get pleasure out of being the other girls...I find that just triflin’. Not because it can, mess up a relationship but because the only reason THOSE girls get involved is because knowing that he has a girlfriend brings them pure pleasure...not pain like those girls who fall in love while being a sideline. These girls find pleasure because “the fact that she don't really turns me on." - TLC. That "ahah, I got yo man" type bullshit. Craziness if you ask me. Pure craziness.

Now...I’m not perfect, I've messed with one guy who has had a girlfriend. But at the time I had a boyfriend as well. He had a girl; I had a man. My man was clingy as hell...and I was bored with him. [Which means I should have broken up with him...but I was childish then.] But this situation is different from the one's I've discussed above. We both had someone more important, we were both each other’s sidelines. The only reason this is different is because...well if shit popped off-as in if things went public- we would both have something to lose. Someone to lose. Which is a much better position to be in. It means the both of us were going to stay in line. And honestly I didn’t even like dude, we had a few conversations and kissed once or twice, but I wasn’t even slightly attracted to him. Just did it for the thrill, just to make my life a little more interesting! I know...I was childish, so sue me. So if you HAVE to have an affair with a married man or happen to fuck with a guy with a girlfriend...make sure the both of you have something of importance to lose if the situation every gets crazy!

To all those girls who are just deserve better. You ARE better. Don't put yourself in a situation for settling to be a sideline because you have feelings for a guy. Because if he had those same feelings you would be his girl...Point Blank Period. You’re disrespecting yourselves by settling. There are better men, one's that would never deal with making you a sideline because they know your worth! So...learn your worth! Ok, enough venting for tonight...until next time ........


Secretia said...

Robyn, I am with you on this. Why don't they stop, is it because they are just mean and witchy? They need the'r ass kicked sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Meech, and ive been a sideline hoe.

Sis i gotta tell you when it comes to those downlow guys AND they have a gf, i just gotta give in. ITS TOO TEMPTING! im already thrilled becuz of the fact they STRAIGHT, but they got somebody and they STILL attracted to me?!?!? i gotta say it does boost my confidence. I agree it is bad becuz things can get messy REAL QUICK, and somebody gone get embarrased. Now one thing i WONT do is mess with a married man! That is a foundation that God himself bestowed upon those two. Its just not classy. But like Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, they just some messy bitches.

[The Adopted Brother]

xxxx said...

ahhh this is a subject that can be discussed for a while but yeah sidelines are messy but sometimes females find themselves being the sideline and dont even know it... guys are just shady. i dont blame the female i blame the guy because at the end of the day he is in a relationship with someone else and owe their girl more respect than what he is giving her by sleeping around on her.

RoByn LaTice said...

Secretia- agreed. Sometimes they need their ass kicked but for the majority the man needs his kicked!
Meech- :) I love you.[I love how you wrote like this was AAA. lol]And your situation is different..COMPLETLY!
xxxx-I blame the men as well. But the women who know he has a girl and are being spiteful should share his blame. But yea I'd jump on the dude, fuck the bitch when its time to find someone to cut. Its gone be his ass!

her . said...

i loved this post ! lol THE TRUTH .
guess its time i click that follow button.

stay uhp !

madd love ,