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Thursday, October 15

How guys approach women...or Maybe just me!

Again....sorry for the lack of posting! These days I just don’t feel very motivated to do much of anything, anywho off the depressing shit. Today I'd just like to discuss something irritating me...

Today’s topic: How guys approach females...or maybe just me!

So recently I've decided to start taking numbers again. I told myself I was ready to get back into this whole dating scene...give someone a chance to make me feel like I have a heart again, you know?! [I had taken a LONG break from dating in fear of A LOT of things, but that’s for a different post.] Anywho since I've decided to date again I've been approached by soo many guys in soo many WRONG ways. And I've been approached by so many in a "supposed” right way, but still I’m not satisfied. Wrong ways include mentioning anything about my ass, tittys, or how you could fuck the hell out me if I let you. I mean seriously...who falls for crappy lines like "Girl...shit I'd do so many thangs to that shit what's up?" Not I. It’s so many more lame lines all too similar to that that guys use to try to talk to me. When they come at me like that, off the bat they letting me know that they just want to fuck me. So in the back of my mind I appreciate their bluntness. I appreciate them letting me know what they want so that I won’t even waste my time. Now the other half of the guys comes with some sense. But they all sound the same. How many times have I heard “Hey beautiful" in the last few months? Too damn many. I mean if a guy approaches a female how beautiful she is should probably be in there somewhere, just to get a smile out of her. But I've heard it so many times that it all just seems so fake. It’s like they have two play books out. And guys are either choosing "How to get a hoodrat" or "How to get a lady". Now in my imagination these books are only available to men. And these books have all the lame lines in it to catch either a hoodrat or a lady. So those who come at me with that "Damn lil mama" shit, they've classified me as a hoodrat. The ones with the "Hey beautiful" have classified me as a lady. Either way they are all reading the same lame books and throwing the same lame lines.

Now all of my boyfriends in the past are FOR THE MOST PART guys who have chased me and were unsuccessful the first few times but never backed down. I love that chase! It lets me know you’re determined to be with me...does something to a woman’s ego. All of the ones boyfriend worthy have come at me in the most unique ways...and I like different. I hate hearing the same lines because it just never seems sincere anymore. All the guys who have my number always text "Hey beautiful" to start a conversation. Come at me with the sweetest lines...and even if they are sincere, it bothers me! I never really trust it... [Which I guess has more to do with my EXTREME trust issue with ALL guys-but I have my reasons!] So it's to the point where when guys try to talk to me/get to know bothers the fuck out me. Seriously. I mean I’m thoroughly disgusted by most of their attempts. And I try not to be that bitch when they try to talk to me because in their mind their only giving me compliments...and who gets mad when their given compliments?! People who have heard all the lame excuses for approaches and just doesn’t want anyone else to try. I thought I was ready to be back in this...but it’s all just a game right now! I rather not let people get to know me, I don’t really care to get to know someone else...and I've been sex-free since MAY! :)! So why bother to talk to someone? The only reason I said I was truly ready was so that I can have someone heal my heart forget about my move on, but I KNOW that I won’t let anyone get that close to me for a very long time.

Just because a guy successfully got my number means nothing! I mean I hardly save any of the numbers from these for the most part if they call/text I don’t respond because I don’t answer random numbers. Now if the number is saved it doesn’t necessarily mean their special either, it just maybe a number that I NEVER want to answer so I have to set specific ringtones like " Imma call you but if you come by I won’t call you. Ok? Don’t ever ever ever ever ever ever come by here...ok?" -Smokey from Friday! Yea, them specific "don’t answer the phone" ringtones. I haven’t really had interest in too much of anything lately...only being with my family. I’m withdrawn from the rest of the world...and suffer from a lack of motivation! Anywho this post was just me sharing my thoughts on how guys approach me. I don’t know exactly how I want to be approached; all I know is what I don’t want! P.S- I think my biggest pet peeve right now is guys who try to talk to me when I've had some sort of relationship with their best friend. [There is only one person on this exception list] makes me feel belittled. I mean it makes me feel like either you just think I’m a hoe or you know for a fact that your best friend had no feelings for me so it wouldn’t matter if you had a turn. Either way it sickens me. I mean why try to talk to me when your best friend and I had a serious relationship?! It makes me soooo mad. Anywho....until tomorrow


Anonymous said...

awww honey! i didnt know you were outta the game! you know i can never stay away from them boys. But yes pick up lines are hilarious. Someone should write a book FULL OF EM, so we know they not the right guy if they same em lol.

[The Adopted Brother]

Anonymous said...

i feel your pain! omg i curse almost every guy out who doesnt approach me the correct way! ugh! ive had lesbians come at me with more game! and why haven't u had sex since May? ur next sex partner is gonna have some fun wit u honey! its gone be like f'n a virgin! haha(hey micci)

Secretia said...

Where's the relationship part of the fun? The just want a fast hookup and leave.


RoByn LaTice said...

Meech- Lol...They are only hilarious when they are NOT being used on me. When they are, their just frustrating . GRRRR. & yes, Im out of the game until someone with some sense comes and trys to approach me like the lovely woman I am :).

Anonymous[Karimah?]- lol, because i NEED a relationship, not just stray dick! ughh!

Secretia- Yes, exactly. Ughh, its so frustrating. Thanks for reading!