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Thursday, April 1

Dear Worrisome Fuck-ups:

I've been reading all of these websites trying to figure out how to work HTML. I want to make my own layout, not just manipulate the one I have to deal with! *sigh*....I think this is one fight I'm just probably going to have to lose...because I can't for the life of me understand it! Smh! .[Sidenote to a fellow blogger: Ro, i cant leave my thoughts and comments on your blog because of your settings :( !]

Anywho,I dont understand why some people cant catch a hint. I dont understand why some people still try. UghhClearly i dont wish to try to develop a relationship at the moment...I still have shit that I need to get together before being a pain to someone else. I dont know how many times I have to express that before they leave me alone..So,

Dear Worrisome Fuck-ups:
If you text me and 90% of the time I dont respond...more than likely I'd like you to lose contact. If the 10% of the time when I do respond and I am a TOTAL bitch to you...more than likely I'd like you to catch the hint to politely fuck off. If more than half of my responses read " Im not responding to that." Please catch the fucking hint.If I abruptly end our conversation everytime you feel like discussing your feelings or trying to hang...wake the hell up! Clearly, I could give a rats ass about your feelings and I'm one step from texting, "Not to be a bitch, but please reframe from texting me ever again"...but that would be the definition of a bitch right? Put your feelings aside...and move on to someone who cares..Please?

<3- Robyn

I hate that some people can't catch the hint no matter how much you ignore them.
Someone sent me a text saying that he was "done trying to cater to my ego."....I thought it was the funniest thing ever! I'm sure he wasnt joking...but If I cared all that much I wouldnt have acted in such a way where he ever felt like he needed to "cater to my ego." With people I care for I'm completly different. Caring...Nice even! For the rest...Um, catch the hint! Ok, Toodles!


pennanddpaperr . said...

girl i am with you on that!

i am the exact same way and these losers think i'm playing hard to get...uhm no! i just want you to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!

lol silly b o y s .

Tzitzi said...

Yeah I def agree with you.

Yeah - I'm way too nice. I don't know how to kindly say "fuck off," lol.

btw, your music on your blog...
I love these songs. =)

Shay said...

OMG . Yes lol like I try to be nice and just ignore the text messages or phone calls but they never get the hint . Sheesh .

You just have to be downright brutal and tell these guys straight out to leave you the hell alone lol

Supastarrr said...

niggas are stupid. even when you spell the shit out they still don't get it, smh.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity is equal opportunity and not identified with any particular groups. There aint nothin' like ignorant white trash. They make AA's (African Americans) look like geniuses.