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Wednesday, March 31


SO I was tagged by the lovely penandpaper [Gwen] over at Permanent Issues ![Her blog is the<---lol. Check her out!]

Here goes....

Hair -Transistioning...1/2 Natural 1/2 Permed...Terrible to deal with.

Your Mother- Protector, Provider, Comforter...My everything.
Your Father- Gone physically...but finally here w/ me everyday! :)
Fav Food- BREAD [Type:]Chinese....Yummy! I could eat it everyday!
Dream last night -Talking to daddy about my life...that he missed.
Fav drink- Coke...but I mostly drink water.
What room are you in - Bedroom?
Hobby - Writting! Reading! Blogging...& Painting! :)
Fear - I always say Rejection but I couldnt imagine losing my mom & sisters. i wouldnt be able to cope!
Where were you last night - Bed, confused as hell trying to figure out HTML!
Something that you aren't - Fake. Simple-minded.
Muffins - Chocolate Chip!
Wish list item - *Every woman too truly know her worth*
Where you grow up - Greatgranny's house on Rock street...Had our own home but was hardly there.
What you are wearing - Blue sweats, Red work shirt from when I used to wrk at Target.
Your Pet -We got rid of them all. All 3 dogs..and my Turtle, Thomas Anthony Alexander! I miss Him:(
Friends - Um, I'm sure Ive answered this somewhere on my blog.
Something your not wearing - Socks...I never wear them.
Fav Store - Walmart for everything. Forever 21 for Clothes.
Fav Color - BLACK! :)
Last time you laughed -A few minutes ago..watching Living Single! " In a 90's kind of world, Im glad I got my girls."
Your Best Friend[s] - Karimah Marie & Ally Maree! :)
Best Place you go over and over - My dreams...escape from reality.
Person who email you regularly -Blogger..tracking all my post comments.
Fav place to eat - Cheesecake Factory when im out of town! WANT one in LR!

& Im supposed to tag people...But um, I'm too lazy to put the links and stuff up! So...if you'd like to do it..Go for it! :) Toodles!


F said...

Trust me, I feel you on the hair thing. Mine is in that disgusting halfway house as well... I have no idea what to do with it! I'm tempted to just big chop after all...

Ur answers show you to be so down-to-earth... I can never imagine losing my mum either. Let's pray we don't have to deal with that anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Robyn, this was quite nice to read :)


☆Reese said...

Of course I'll do it! I love taggery lol. Hair- whew...I chopped it all off and I love the curliness of it all (plus I'm lazy in the spring/summer) lol.

Love your list!

Myne Whitman said...

Nice meme, nice girl. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

ahhh my hair is a hot mess too! my new growth is CRAZY - Has mind of its own, just like me :) but i'm no where near a big chop! *sigh* def braiding it up this summer.