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Monday, March 29

Withdrawals are a BITCH!

When I started this whole "celibacy" thing I really didnt think I'd last this long. I mean..I KNOW me..and umm....I just thought I would have given in by now. AND surprisingly...I havent. I should be writting this post in a month and a few days..bc It will mark my 1 year mark, but um...right now I'm having withdrawals. Sex has always taken up a big portion of my thoughts! For the pure pleasure of my partner... And that Im without it..Its worse than ever. & to make things worse my thoughts only revolve around one dick.

Setting up the scene mentally:
[Might wanna skip over this part.idk..all I know is it's my blog and I say whatever the hell I please :)!]

*Dial his number and get straight to the point*----
" I know I dont even contact you anymore...but lately I've been missing you. Well missing HIM. SHE needs HIM in her....delivering like HE usually does. I need to taste HIM...Ive just missed HIM so much! ...Need your tongue to lap HER up....Damn, its an understatement to say I crave it. Honey..Did I ever tell you you were the best? So...Get out of your plans with your girl and come fulfill my fantasies like only you can. One night honey, no one has to know but you and I....and my camera. Ohhhhh, Did I mention I wanna make a video?....Video so that the last time will ALWAYS be the most memorable....Video so that I can have a visual to go along with my usual thoughts of you...and NO you cant have a copy, we've already discussed that ;). When we get in the room...Call your girl and make up a lie to let her know you'll be TIED UP for the rest of the night. Clothes off...Lights dim.Tell her Goodnight and that you love her while I nibble at your ear. You already told me you miss it...Let me be the best you'll ever have.Then go home to your wife. No more more communication, Just come give me MY dick, then take your ass home well over satisfied. Muah! "
[Of coarse his response would be a non hesitant OK..Im on the way!]
[Like I said earlier skinny doesnt equal sexy...& its my blog so I do what I want! lol :)] about fuckin frustrated.! But I respect relationships a little too much for that, so it will remain a fantasy. No homewrecking bitch here. But these withdrawals are terrible. Starting to get to me. But I know my reasons outweigh my urges..and I will continue to tell myself that to get through this with out having to make a phone call...ok Toodles!


khaki said...

well, arent you the most confident person in blog land. LOL

and youre right... skinny doesnt equal sexy...

and youre even more right about celibacy being hard... involutary celibacy and voluntary celibacy

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I was celibate for 2.5 yrs (by choice). Getting over the 1st 6months is the hardest. After that, it flies by.

New FOllower :o) your blog is hilarious. I love the realness of your posts.

check mine out at

pennanddpaperr . said...

lol girl i know what you mean.
being celibate for almost 2years was how i ended up being that "homewrecking bitch" in that One post.. lol smh. keep up the good work though honey! Gwen believes in you! haha

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lol sorry, that was my niece. she "have something to say." lol

VonDign said...

most def real women have curves not corners lol as evidenced by you... good post.

xxxx said...

girl celibacy is so hard.. you and i started around the same time..and umm yeah i gave in back in feb... i couldnt hold off any longer but im still proud of myself.

Cook.ThePoet. said...

L0L son you goin thru it huh?! That "text" woulda been ridic! But shiiitt I woulda called you a bad bitch for sendin it [only cuz i know you l0l] But there are going to be times like these where you just want it now in every way. Hang in there. it gets easier.


Bubbles said...

look at you!
my friend is also doing this whole celibacy thing and she said it's really hard as well

F said...

You are so right! Skinny isn't sexy... The problem is when people like me try to put on some weight, it goes in the wrong places! Stomach, cheeks (not THOSE ones) and just flab instead of curves... Soooo frustrating! If only you luckier ones could lend a sister some curves... SMH

I am really impressed by this celibacy thing, though. I think it takes a lot of inner strength considering how gorgeous you are (it's not like you won't have opportunities). Being ale to say no to sex is more of a sign of sexual liberation than just screwing around cos then you have become a slave to ur desires. I really hope you achieve what you have set out to do.

Kodaaaaa said...

Definetly Diggin the Picture (:

Traci Lavette said...

Much respect, girl. Just make sure when you come off the wagon that you know the dick, to be GOOD dick because the worst thing is being ready to "get it" and gettin somebody that can't deliver!!! Yuck!!! And in the moment, who wants to train?!

All the luck with'll come out a stronger person - if that's even possible ;-)