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Sunday, April 11

He say/She say bullshit...

Because I feel I need to do a post BUT I'm being so lazy tonight...I'll post another old poem! Enjoy!

HE say....SHE say.
THEY say.....
and THEY believe.

Walk into a room and imediatley THEY whisper.
I search the crowd for a familiar face, but i see none.
But still THEY whisper.
I continue to walk..
thinking maybe they dislike my looks...maybe.
And if thats the case, i like i continue to stride with pride.
When i get close enough i hear select words.
Words to let me know, it isnt my attire their attacking.
Whispers of "I heard she fucked him"...and" Girl, i know she did him.."Knowing they cant be talking about me....KNOWING,
because i dont even know them nor the names they speak.

HE say....SHE say.
THEY say.....
and THEY believe.

The whispers continue though,
this time i hear my name and a brief description of my life.
So i think who are these people..
..why is my name coming from their lips?
& what are these things that i did?
....When did i do them?
because I know i damn for sure dont remember him....or him.
I dont remember that or.....that
Oh.... it's ok, these people must have me confused
confused with some "hoe"..
So i take a seat and listen to all the other things
....& i think damn this "hoe" must be a porn star,
one of the best,got them talking bout her like that!
......I just wished they didn't confuse our names.

HE say....SHE say.
THEY say.....
and THEY believe.

The looks of disgust and dissatifation are thrown my way
...I look back and say no..i have to warn them of their mistake
"Um, not being nosey..but you must have me confused with someone else...
I dont even know those people...and I have never done those things.
But the girl yall have me confused with Im sure is pretty paid..
She know all the tricks and shit, she's a pornstar right?"
They look back and laugh...I start to laugh as well at their mistake.
Laughs continue..
Then they start to respond..
"Pornstar huh?..Thats what you call yo self?..
Just cause you do what they do..dont mean u tht good."
...confused, i look back and say "No ma'am that aint me..
I havent done those things, BUT ITS OK, its a simple mistake!"

HE say....SHE say.
THEY say.....
and THEY believe.

The laughs continue as they walk away
....So i think gosh me and tht girl must look alot alike!
I see now that its no changing their minds
....they think im her. No. They think thats me.
But how..and why?! These people dont even know me.
They heard this..and they heard that, all from their BESTfriends
so it has to be true?! or at least thats what SHE, HE...and THEY think.
But i want to prove them wrong....
Dont want those lies to be me.
So everytime i hear the whispers, i come to my defense...
"No ma'am/sir that aint me"..
same reaction everytime?!
Confusion circles my brain..
why does no one believe me?
..I mean i know me best right?
I know my actions....
I know more than they do!

HE say....SHE say.
THEY say.....
and THEY believe.

But everyone thinks they know..
So everywhere i go, the whispers go as well.
"I heard she fucked him" and "Girl, i know she did him"
...and instead of wasting my breath i smile back at them
let them talk that shit!
Because no matter what I say...
THEY alway "know" more...
"know" more about me than i do?!
..i know right??? can that be true?
but its cool just let THEM do what they do.
Because the simple-minded are starting to takeover
People that will believe whatever
...until it comes to their name.
..Until their name gets confused with someone elses
...Until their defenses dont work
....Until the whispers start to follow them.

HE say....SHE say.
THEY say.....
and yea, THEY always believe.


pennanddpaperr . said...

*nodding head* im feeling this.

phallatio said...

Very good. Reads like something that would sounds even better performed live.

The Invisible Seductress said...

This is great! I agree with Phallatio,, on stage this would be fantastic!

Tzitzi said...


Gossip = smh.

Shitttt, my daddy says "never say anything about anyone unless it'll help them grow"

MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

Hmm.. I heard that!

Bubbles said...

tell em

Ro said...

Me likey that!
....this shit that is my love life is funny because that shit is fairytale shit exists but then what kind of FUN would that be :-)

Traci Lavette said...

That was a good read, pretty girl. Liked it a lot. Gossip ain't no joke, is it?