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Tuesday, April 6

[-Surprise-]: Welcome, Formspring, Blogger Quote..and all that jazz


Yes, there are limits too the questions I will actually "answer" in formspring. I will always "respond" but I will not necessarily answer the question at hand. EVERYthing doesnt need to be discussed over the internet! Ok? Especially not on my personal blog.

For those who don't follow me on twitter I recently had a mini confessional tweet session. & during the tweet session i admitted having a sex blog. A sex blog that I shut down yesterday. Some of my followers from there have decided to click the link I left there and follow me here...[*whispers: Hello playmates*]. I had 4 blogs to keep every aspect of my life seperate. One is a diary..only I can access. One is a confessional blog..and the other beside this one was the sex blog.I started it to discuss all things sexual without judgement from those who read my blog from my hometown. Without everyone knowing my that extent. But since I'm "celibate" I decided to let that one go. It was fun while it lasted.

I started that blog after this one, only had 28 post on that blog, and got up to 307 followers. The anonymous twitter account I had to link up with the sex blog got up to 904 followers in the short time I had it. Crazy right? Sex sells. Sells people to quickly push the follow button. Intrest people more than everyday life and life situations. I felt that blog was too easy. Too easy for people to be interested. Too easy...for people to really care about the substance in my writting...therefore I lost interest.The followers of this blog follow because they want to read what I have to say on a daily..without it being "raunchy", they have a sincere interest in my words. & i love you all for that. I will occasionally mix the two blogs..but to the "playmates", this blog will never be that blog...EVER!

I'm going to start doing a " Blogger Quote of the Week" type thing. When I read other blogs some words just really stand out to me..and lately its been two of which I recently discovered! :) Anywho..I'm going to collect a few quotes throughout every week from different blogs..and feature just that quote on my blog! :) For starters:

"To the emerald eyes of a mystery, when will you tell me what you want from me? if we played Scrabble would you at least spell it out for me?"--- Gwen [*Her Blog*] Check her out.

I love ALL of my followers. Thanks for even taking the time to look at the contents of my blog!... Toodles!


Fashion Wh0re said...

Great post Robyn love the quote...

-i was just writing to say Hi lol i haven't been on your blog in a while thanks for the comments ;)

The Invisible Seductress said...

smiling..Love the post!! Great idea!!!

Bubbles said...

oh my gosh!
a sex blog?
how did i not know about this?
and what's your twitter girlie

☆Reese said...

I just came by to say... *hugs* love ya girl!
(and the other blog was awesome too, but I LOVE this one heehee)

Cook.ThePoet. said...

You gotta love gwen! Thats too dope!


Tzitzi said...

Heyyy look who it is! Gwen!

I like this. Formspring scares me though O.o people ask some real reckless shit. Lol

I used to have one of those type of blogs (The diary kind, lol)...but for some reason..I'm just a paranoid ass person so I deleted it thinking people would find it. I have the paranoia of someone laying in a canibus farm..thats burned. Lol

And I must say - I do read this blog because I love to hear what you got to say on the daily :)

aimes said... is funny! I've had some ridiculous questions asked!

...thanks for all the comments! I look forward to your new quote section!


Shay said...

Its Gwen ! I love her ! Lol .

And I love you too Robyn :)

Ro said...

A sex blog?? WTF. I wanna read that. I mean this one is cool and all but Shit I like stimulation >>LMAO
I put comments back on my blog *just for YOU** :-)

MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

*waves* hey Robyn ;). I need to follow u on twitter.

P>S.. how thee hayle do you keep up with so many blogs? chile ya crazy!

P.S.S.. I love this J.Jackson song, and I'm not even a huge fan.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Gwen has been getting a lot of love from other blogs lately. She is THE TRUTH!

khaki la'docker said...

how the hell did I miss a sex blog?