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Monday, April 5

10 to 1

Remember, the 10 to 1 is basically writing down the 10 things I wish I could say to 10 different people but...cant, won't or just haven't. And I don't say who they are :)

1. To the young man with the game of a thousand players, the one who murdered my heart, you may keep it's remains. I no longer have the will to love someone with all of my "heart", but with all of my soul. If you get a bad [broken] heart, the doctors can fix or replace it...but a soul they can not. When you miss me...try to place the pieces back together and remember what you had. But when i miss you...I'll remember that you have the remains, that now I am heartless.
2. To the chaser who tried with all of his being to steal my heart that had already been stolen, I'm sorry. Sorry that I led you on..Sorry that I hurt you, constantly. Sorry that I played with your emotions for my own satisfaction I loved you at one point...." I tried to love you, tried to love you but I can't. I was wrong about you, wrong about i need to love you need to love you..but I can't."
3. To the laughing spirit who looks over me...I miss you. I speak with you everyday, but still i miss you. I need you to hug me, i need you to kiss me, i need you to reassure me on a daily that things will be okay. Come take my tears away.
4. To the woman with the metal exterior. I love you...i need you, please never leave me. The days that i want to walk away from you I remember you made me who I am.. & if you werent available...I dont know if I'd be able to cope!
5.To the pair with enough "crazy" between you two to fill a pyschiatric hospital, Even though I hardly say it...i love you. You both have gotten me threw some of my roughest times. Even when you didnt know my pain existed , you helped more than you'll ever know. Ever. They dont get any better than you! :)
6.To the bitch...the bitch turned hoe. How I have so much disgust building up for you. So many things I'd love to say to you but I am trying to keep the peace. Stop being so fake..and tell me how you really that we no longer have to communicate.
7. To the man of many wise words, you taught me to follow my dreams; taught me never to let anyone stop me from doing what i want. You have always supported me in every situation, take care of yourself.You were a father to me when mine went missing, I love you.  & i dont want to have to say goodbye anytime soon. My heart couldnt take it!
8. To the girl who over-analyzes everything, full of beautiful dreams, and the only person i can truly be myself with...Thank you for helping me grow up. Finally.
9. To the eyes peering in my soul, reading my deepest desires, fears, and aspirations...I need you.
10.To...the other form of giver...I desserted you for a while...and now I am back. I've asked for forgiveness and i promise i will do everything in my power to rebuild that old relationship. Everything...just guide me and be with me. Please?
the mind of the dreamer with the corrupt heart, dying to be pryed open.


Tzitzi said...

Glad you did this!! :)

OH! and "If you get a bad [broken] heart, the doctors can fix or replace it...but a soul they can not." I like!

I told my friend Keisha that a broken heart should be covered in health insurance. This is serious!

The mind just might can cure the soul though - just gotta be in the right mind. ;)

Ro said...

I like write so shit would be 1 word...simple.
I need to get all deep and shit.
I'm about to work on some :-)

pennanddpaperr . said...

aha, i like that you did this. isnt it great reading secrets..haha.

i'm with Tzi on "If you get a bad [broken] heart, the doctors can fix or replace it...but a soul they can not." <--- deeeep.

you are very talented Miss Latice.
i'm honored to read your work. (:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that number 9, wow-wow!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

ha! #2 is someone i need to spill out to as well....& so Many times i've had that very song on repeat wishing i would've handled it all better...

The Invisible Seductress said...

You are so very talented! Take a moment and bask in your awesomeness!!

Traci Lavette said...

Miss Lady,

You can write/think/process, your ass off! From the heart, that's what's up.

NC17 said...

This is great stuff

JStar said...

Love it girl!