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Wednesday, January 20

Sex Game Proper ;)

Okay...I started catching back up today..swear its been longer than 7 hours. But hey now I'm to the L's! I'm stopping right before Lovers and Friends: Me, My pad, and Pen. I was so tempted to skip some. I got through some of my favs today..and cant wait to get to the others....No names will be dropped! :)! Oh and I'm collecting awards on the way..but Im going to accept them all in one big post. So far its 3! :)

Anywho..It's like 2 in the morning and my mind is totally in the gutter. SO I'm going to do a Do's and Dont's to sex [for my personal preferences.]..Got the idea from Keenya! [Check her out!]

Hell Yea's
  • Biting [not tht baby nibbling shit vampire bites]
  • Long Kisses [ all over]
  • Ice,Toppings,Candy, [Candles ;)]
  • Choking [pay attention til when I'm about to black out then let go ;)]
  • Pull my hair [only if its MY real hair...don't try to yank tracks out!]
  • Constant change of position [Be creative]
  • Be rough..! [tossing on the bed, pushing on the ground...whatever!]
  • Gone head lick the kitty..and be good at it!
  • Stare in my eyes
  • #1 priority being to make ME cum...ME ME ME!
  • Be ready for Round 2!
Hell No's
  • Talking [please dont give me a fuckin interview.."Whose is it? How you want it?..etc"]
  • Punching
  • Slapping...not even light taps
  • Nutting on my face
  • Eating my ass [biting is acceptable]
  • Licking my toes [matter fact dont touch them at all!]
  • Being stank [scrub yo nutts!]
  • 1-10 minute men. [Unless its specified as a quickie]
Yea..thats all I can think of right now....! Too much info?? Well you did see that lil warning about adult content AND yo ass entered suck that shit up! Ok, I need to be sleeping! Seriously! Toodles!


Secretia said...

Putting it all on the menu, that's cool!


JStar said...

LOL I love your list....But on the Hell No's, girl you aint had the right man toss the salad :) Done correctly I can cum instantly...

HaS the Turtle said...

hahahah this was a refreshing...the list i mean...thanks ;)

Bubbles said...

ok girl! lol

Supastarrr said...

I Co-sign!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

LMAO! This is funny
But hmmmm...def given ideas for when I break my celibacy ;]


xxxx said...

i cosign with the staying away from the feet.. like how is feet sexy i walk on them every damn day.. lol and the ass thing yes bites is cool but dont shove your entire face between them cheeks.. soo not cool

..kraziibipolarchick.. said...

yes GURL! preach!!! and being ready for round two is a MUST for me i swear niggas be actin like they too tired to go for round 2 round 2 is a MUST!!! thank u !! i will be making copies and passing out to my future potential lovers LOL thank u!!!

Ro said...

Vlogging is fun...

and why is your life in shambles???

thanks for the encouragement ..I need it!

S H A M I L said...

ahahaha, right, good instruction, now we know it all! :)
thanks for comments, im happy you like my pics :)

F said...

LMAO @ interviews being a hell no... Dude, does this look like CNN... Go find another reporter to get ur question game on with... LOL...

SweetT said...

Nice list... :) I agree with it except for the no talking rule. I like dirty whispering in my ear.

Anonymous said...

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