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Tuesday, January 26

Dear Mother:

We interrupt your normal program to bring you:
So I've been going through a few things...and my mother has been helping me cope. If you know me and my mothers past relationship it would be a shock. Our relationship only got better when i went away to college. Even then it was good every once and a while. Well today I woke up to a text message from her :

[Good morning baby. I know you’re having a hard time 2. I’m here 4 u. We will get thru this. Hope you have a better day. I love you. From now on I will be uplifting and more understanding. I get so raveled up in my own problems that I act like yall don’t have problems, worries, or pain and I’m SO SORRY FOR THAT! From this day forward I am going to be more understanding of yall concerns. I can’t take back the years I lacked but you make sure it doesn’t happen again. I promise. I love you more than words can say. We will get through this, just don’t worry yourself.]

--------mind you we have never been the family to speak openely on mushy gushy feelings. No hugging, no kissing, we dont even say i love you regularly...because we know its there and doesnt need to be said.
She really has made my day! So to her....

Dear Mother:

Let me start by saying...I LOVE YOU! I know we have had our down times. Times when you’re yelling feels like its suffocating me. Times when you didn’t want me near you. Times…times when things were just horrible. But know that through every and anything I love you more than I could ever show.I depend so much on you some might think it’s ridiculous. You’ve spoiled me to be this way and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even when you disapprove of everything I do, I love you. If anything ever happened to you I don’t know where I’d be. I don’t know if I could stay here...on this earth. Now I am going through what seems like the hardest time of my life so far and you are right here by my you always are when things outside of our relationship get tough. You are the only person keeping me sane right now and if you only knew how much that truly meant to me. When I can’t see the sun shining you grab my hand and lead me there. You have been understanding through this whole process and please continue to bear with me. I could never ask nor need a better mother than you. Granted we have our issues; we might not agree 98% of the time…but we cannot be perfect. Thanks for every sacrifice you have ever made for me. It took a little maturing to see how much you’ve worked for me and my sisters. Being a single mother is never easy...and believe I appreciate it. You are my hero; my idol. I want to be able to provide and do for my child when that day comes as you have always done for me and my sisters. You would give your last for me and know that I would do the same. I am and will always be available for you whenever you need me. KNOW that! I love you!
With sooo much love,
Robyn back to your normal scheduled program! Toodles! :)


Traci Lavette said...


The exchange between you and your mother is truly beautiful. I can relate to the relationship you have with your mother because mine is similar. We are not yet at 100% either, but working toward it. There has been so much, and like your mother, mine was also head of household and had 4 of us.

I will say that I didn't truly appreciate all that she is/was until I became a mother myself. It is what made me realize that there is much more than meets the eye.

I'm glad you guys are "getting there" with one another.

Also, "good luck" with whatever obstacles you are facing right now. You have the support, so I think you will be fine.


pennanddpaper said...

wow you and your moms look so much alike !!! mann.

your letter was beautiful.
i hope you guys really go the distance in this. we all need a mothers special presence in our lives.

madd love.

Myne Whitman said...

Is that your mum? She looks so young and beautiful. That text is so lovely and your reply too.

Tokyo.Diamond said...

Your letter almost made cry. It reminded me of my mom. There is nothing like a mother's love.

xxxx said...

awwww sweety your letter and your moms text almost made me cry.. God bless you both and pray that your relationships will only grow stronger from here

JStar said...

Ok Robyn, this brought tears out of my eyes...Esp being a single mother myself when I was still a teen discovering who I was...Your mothers words spoke volumes to me...and your response was heartfelt...Life throws up bumps and curves...When you stick it out together, its makes them felt less...You have more of a cushion...Someones shoulder to cry on...Makes it easier to withstand....You look so much like your mom...Both beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My mom’s and I relationship wasn’t a good one when I was younger. But when I went to college it got better too. It’s good that you two can have such a lovely exchange despite the past. I hope your relationship only gets better.

khaki said...

awww man... robyn.... *wipes another lil tear*

Anonymous said...

Ohh.. Wow.. This is so nice, Robyn.. :) This made me think of my mom.. p.s. Your mom's pretty!!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

that's really cool. i guess i'm a mama's boy & only child so my mom suffocates me with the, "i love you's" and concern to the point i'm trying to breathe.