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Sunday, January 24

More Awards :)!

Hello YO!

I'm pretty much caught up on everyones blogs now. Some of you really do make my days better. Others force me to think about shit that i dont necessarily want to think about..but need to. While catching up I realized I dont even care for some of the blogs i follow i need to get on to removing them ASAP. Somethings i just cant relate to..nor do I want to. Anywho because I said I'd do this award goes[I'm going to shortcut rules: Yall know the deal]!
During my catching up I've collected 5 awards! *Gasp*! :o!

I feel so loved! Ok...I received the Happy Blog award 4 times. From Keenya over at Golden Mind, *Cook over at Musik & Soul *,Mz.AuNatural-Beauty over at Truth on the Rocks, and Von digne over at My Mind StateI love all of their blogs. Hilarious,talented bloggers...they wont dissapoint. Gone Head over and check them out! NOW! :)Anywho, 4 times Meaning that I would have to do the rules for this x's 4...40 things that make me happy and 40 bloggers who brighten my day. Smh...bullshit, yall know i hardly follow the original rules. I'll do 20 facts & 20 bloggers. Yeap..sounds fair to me!

Shit that makes me all giggly inside:
  •  Family...[well some of them, the rest? smh..]
  • Friends...[sometimes those tricks can be a bit much though...but I love them all the same]
  • Writting...[gotta get my feelings out somehow..right?]
  • Art...[lovvvve painting]
  • Sex...[def has to be at the top of the list somewhere.]
  • Porn...[what? wasnt expecting that? I watch tht shit like TV! It soothes me!]
  • My fingers...[think about the two above...self-explanatory]
  • Shopping...[although I havent shopped for myself in months..aghh Im so deprived]
  • Poetry...[love seeing people perform spoken word...!]
  • Pretty Woman, Nip/Tuck, Bad Girls Club, Set it Off..and all of my other fav shows & movies.
  • Taking pics of myself...[clearly...]
  • Dudes catching the hint to fuck off...[Seriously!]
  • Blogging...[love yalls blogs! :)]
  • Music...[usually all my oldies! ]
  • Love...[pretty much obsessed/infatuated with the whole concept of it]
  • Sucess...[achieving goals I've set for myself]
  • Strippers...[as of yesterday...Mmmm yall that man def gave me new ideas! ;)]
  • Other happy truly happy people...[a real smile realy can make me feel better]
  • Intellectuals...[People that just dont have simple ass conversations]
  •, Me?[I ran out of shit!]
ok..Im being lazy on my editing too....smh!
20 Bloggers Who make me happy reading their shit:
 In no way is this in order! [Not that most of the blogs that i follow dont make me happy..Im just lazy and refuse to go through ALL of them!]Anywho...the next award was given to me by Vincia over at Mocha.Sister. Wonderful blog... gone head and go check her out if you havent already.

 I only have to tell awards I love under this...and really the blogs I LOVE on an EVERY post basis are listed in those above. Figure it out...and since I wont point them all out...those listed above also get this one![Yeap..Im just being lazy...who cares? :)]

Oh...and guess what else? Yall dont have to follow those icky rules. Nope..just accept it and be happy...I mean unless you really would like to do all of that...then be my guest. Anywho I really appreciate all of my faithful followers and stalkers! It feels wonderful to be appreciated.! [Get so much pussy I can probably guess yo panty size??lol..remix on Vincia's page..hilarious line. i know someone who can do that :)!] Ok...Toodles for now!


pennanddpaper said...

heyy ! thanks for the awards ! means so much !

*you look great in your new image !
you better work girl !

madd love.

Ro said...

Thanks chick...a lot. Your blog makes me smile....seriously.
oh Note:
Porn is in my top 5 boo....these damn Robyn's think a like!!
have a great week!

Shay said...

Thanks Robyn ! :) I really apperciate it girl !

Supastarrr said...

thanks babes!
&& you paint?!

Cook.ThePoet. said...

Congrats ma ;]
you know i love readin ya ish


VonDign said...

congratz ma.. and DAMN @ that banner. gorgeous

JStar said...

:) AWwwww thanks...Your blog makes me smile as well...