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Friday, January 22

Letter to My Ex, Next..and all that good shit in between!

 I swear today just couldnt be any worse. Ughh, feels like everything is crashing around me. I dont really want to discuss my day in detail right now...maybe when i get some strength to deal with it all..I will! But I'm just going to borrow another bloggers idea. I saw it on i am the unpretentious narcissist who got the idea from Truth on the Rocks ! Both of whom are lovely bloggers..gone head and check them out! Anywho...on to my letter! [Sorry for the length!]

Dear [Nigga that was just hittin' it i.e Fuckbuddy]:

You know I dont take yo ass serious right? I mean to tell you the truth I never really did. I'd appreciate it if you stop trying to contact me everytime you think we in the same area...textin/callin/facebooking me about " when we gone kick it?". Then why you got to use dumb downed phrases like that? i mean you want pussy..might as well say "when we gone get together and fuck again?"...I mean cause thats all that it translates to in my mind anyway. And why once I tell you all i want is to be fuck buddies..nothing more, your brain tells you to try to make me your girl? Just because we've had a few pillow talks when yo ass wouldnt go home does not mean that I like yo ass...and damn for sure not love. Remember baby..we just fuckin'. Keep yo feelings to yoself and just share the dick please. The only feelings you need to be concerned with of mine are the ones goin on in my pussy..ok? Thanks for understanding!
 P.S- Lose my number...I stopped fuckin with you for a reason.

Dear [Dude i thought I was in love with, dudes I was in love with, and the ones I liked enough to take the " Im yo girl" title i.e EXes]:

Hmmm. Let me start by saying that all of you werent bad. I mean all of you are actually pretty decent dudes. besides the fact that ya'll all triflin. But moral wise and shit yall got some good heads on your shoulders. For the ones that I left....more than likely you deserved it. More than likely i was bored with you..and I warned you from jump..I tend to get bored easily. To the ones that i sorry? I mean if you give me full control what you think ima walk on by? Hell naw..Ima take that shit and run with it. I hate men who let you run over them...anytime my EVERY opinion becomes your opinion too..we have a problem. To the ones that left me....smh. I wanna say fuck yall. But really yall the only ones I gave a damn about. The only ones I cared about leaving...well except for one. And to that one..nigga I know you thought I was devastated..and yea I was. but it wasnt cause you left, it was cause I didnt get to break up with you that shit did something to my ego. Letting a nigga like you break up with me?..smh! Fuck you! To the ones i loved....I still have love for you..might not be IN love, but I def love yall asses.We all had good times...I hope yall suceed  and all that good shit.Talk to ya whenever.
P.S- Ya'll can lose my number too. Dont contact me trying to fuck with my head..and damn for sure dont contact me trying to get ANOTHER chance, telling me how much I'm missed..comparing me to yo bitches after me..." You must regret the day that you left me", well duh I know that I'm better!Yo fault.!...ugh, nigga dismissed!

Dear [What the that dude hiding in the bush? i.e STALKERS]:

I know you reading this shit, I know you excited you got a lil air time huh? You think I dont know that you check my twitter,facebook,blog, and any and every other social network you can find me on? I mean dude..hw the fuck you know I had a skype..or a formspring before I even publicized it? Crazy ass dudes. And this aint only to the exes,crazy niggas I wont give the time of day, ex fuckbuds, or just them random ass creepy dudes. Nope, its to the bitches too. I know yall watching...trying to find another reason to have my name all in you mouth. [" My names in yo mouth so it must be delicious"]..Yea I know it makes yo life to talk shit about me...but bitch you aint got stalk me on the low.Reading my shit..reading extra hard in betweeen the lines. Ughh, yall make me sick. Swear you dont like me but you keep up with my shit more than I do?Oh and um..just wait til I get my hands on a tazzer. Swear you gone wish you got my permission to just pop up off fuckin guard and shit...We clear?

Dear [.....Future?]:

Do me a favor and just dont be like the idiots,assholes,triflin niggas above. Show me that it is possible to find someone good for me..and good to me. Dont play games with my heart and try to destroy me. Respect me, be willing to be there with me. Be willing to stand in front of me [protect me] me that you are different...and I will give you the same. I havent been perfect, and I cant promise that I ever will be. But I will do [not try] my best...if your willing to do the same.Just be different. A different breed of man than Im used to dealing with. Show me that good and man can go in the same sentence with out be the biggest fuckin oxymoron in the world. Be on the same level in life I am...or higher.  Be able to stimulate my mind, my body, my like a fairytale;to good to be true! Can you do all of that..or am I asking too much?!

[Yea, i suggest all of you do one. Even if its just for your eyes. Makes you feel good to get it out! :) Oh..I am on formspring now, gone head and ask me anything in that lil box on my sidebar. I'll answer everything! :) And I'm on skype..guess I should put that on the sidebar as well. I'm on the T's now. The Dish on Kamik to be exact...! :) Almost fully caught up...Ok, Toodles!]


Anonymous said...

The truth about lust, way to say it, we're just people, we need what we need. Nothing meant to be forever, every body has it, ha ha. I got it.

Nice writing, Secretia

JStar said...

I LOVE this girl...Yea I NEED to write a few letters to myself, to get it out and let it go...

Ro said...

Bi**** I love it.
Ima go ahead and just co-sign your shit. HA

Cook.ThePoet. said...

LOL this is dope. I feels you. I think writing letters make everything better.
P.S. Love the photo on top of ya page, no homo [well sorta l0l]


MzAuNatural-Beauty said...

Hahaha! I think I've just introduced something new to the blogger community ;) I'm glad you feel better girl!

Oh and shit.. ur letter was better than mine! lol

khaki said...

I need to get on this ASAP. LOL

SinfulLyo said...

ok i haven't read this entry yet but i will!

i'm sooo upset the video has been deleted :( but here are some of my faves lol:

i love being a perv!

SinfulLyo said...

ahh ok i read it. for starters i LOVE the stalking shirt [guilty] and fry + leela = my ♥ melting!

onto the ACTUAL letters: lmao. oh girl, letoya luckett's "regret" was playing in my head for the EX section lmao. to the ex-booty calls that want a round two: ugh. ugh. UGH. it's done. stick a fork in it aka move on. as for the future...smh don't wanna think about it.

p.s. fuck losing my number, i change my shit at monthly intervals. catch me if you can ;]

pennanddpaper said...

point blank: GREAT to have you back !

another super fab post ! =]

Anonymous said...

forget the length this was pretty dope and interesting lol

xxxx said...

imma do me one this week (sound so uneducated but sometimes i just slip up like that) lol