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Sunday, February 7

Super quick update:

Yes, yes I know Im slacking. Completley. Ive actually been pretty busy with life and discissions. More than likely I'll be doing a lot of mobile blogging this week. Random thoughts and serious thoughts. Some of my blog post just never make it to my blog...smh, something is wrong with the communication between my phone and the internet. Anywho....Saints won. Of coarse I was going for them...anyone who, how do you feel? lol....I love that this is their first time at the Superbowl..and they won.! Yah! One of my fav commercials was the Palamalu Commercial when they pulled him out of the stump like a groundhog...ughh I have a serious cruxh on that man. Mmmm, MMmm, MMmm. Not to mention Reggie Bush was some beautiful eye candy to keep me going through the game. Uhuh!
I'm up to 101 followers! Aghhhh![definitely an understatement.]! I'm sooo happy to be at 100. I appreciate that people actually like to hear what I have to say!
Anyone going Natural, I could use hair style ideas for short hair. I havent cut all my permed ends yetbut um, I cut some of them..and this hair is getting to hard to manage. Smh. But I'm liking it right now!
Ok, Clearly Im kind of rushing right now[Sorry]...I have to leave to go back to school now. SMh, how I  HATE that school with a passion. Yeap..Ok, I will be checking in soon. Toodles!


♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

Lol cute post!
Reggie Bush.....shiver...damn, that man looks good!

I'm going creamy crack since May of last year. I love it. My hair is already thick, but I keep it in a roller set so its always curly and bouncy, and it has more body...I just love it! I get trims but I've never gone for the "big chop" lol...

xxxx said...

reggie bush is something sooo damn sexy.. i really hope he dont propose to kim k..she is horrid.. and why are you cutting your hair?

F said...

I'm transitioning as well... Too much of a chicken to go for the big chop. I've always had long hair so that shit scares the hell out of me. I guess I'm just going in baby steps... :) Cute way of saying I'm a lazy ass chicken. I'm far from being an expert but the resounding fact that keeps coming up is moisture. Transitioning hair is fragile cos it is basically being weaned off that creamy crack so letting it get dry would be making things worse. That's all I've got. Hydrate yo Head! (I should write commercials, lol)

I live in the UK so it's all about football (soccer you call it) here. BUT DAMN... That Reggie Boy needs to LEAVE KIM and get over here ASAP. Dear Lord... I need to stop before I go into a proper long rant, lmao. I guess my knowledge of the Superbowl victory is limited to "The hot boy deserved to win". SMH at myself.

By the way, you deserve everyone of those followers. Your blog is awesome. :)

Secretia said...

Short hair time, that's exciting. Go Saints!


.cris. said...

i'm transitioning too! def too scared to do the big chop [ i just don't have the head for it lol ] but what i've been doing lately that i love is bantu knots. my hair always looks like its been under the dryer with flexirods.
there are lots of natural blogs out there & one of my favorites is Black Girl With Long Hair [ ] & there are plenty other sites & youtube channels you can check out for good transitioning/protective styles. depending on how short your hair is, you can use the small plastic rollers or perm rollers [ i have some i haven't tried out yet ]
i've been off the creamy crack since 25 November & i can't wait for my hair to grow out more! Happy Natural ♥

Supastarrr said...

I'm natural =) I'm thinking of doing some braids soon b|c it's cold && it's a protective style. Other than that, I've 2-strand twisted my hair && when you take it out you get a cute, curly fro. You can always look up some ideas on YouTube. My hair isn't long enough for much else right now.

Myne Whitman said...

RB is really very foine, lol...

Abena said...

ohh good for you on going natural!

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Anonymous said...

O The same here as well.

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Cook.ThePoet. said...

Hey this post ddnt come up on my dashboard. Last 1 that shows is the flaw#1 post =\