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Wednesday, September 30



So Today has been a pretty dry day. I mean I went to bio lab and came back to my room! Whoa...what a day for a college student huh? Anywho on to the topic of the day.

Topic of the day: GiRLS MAKiNG GUYS WAiT FOR THE NOOKiE!

Sex? Yes...the topic is sex! So a guy friend of mine suggested this topic. I hear and read about things like this all the time. I've heard many different views on it...but have never really voiced mine on it! So here goes.

A girl gets with a guy that she's kind of feeling and decides not to fuck him until she KNOWS that he is there for her and not just for her pussy. Hmmm, now speaking from personal experiences I'm not a huge fan of that whole hold out on a dude for a year [or some other outrageous amount of time]. I mean I understand those girls who just want the guys respect and all that other shit...but if your with him for like 6 know he's feeling you but still u want to you really think that’s the definition of respect? Because while you think he's waiting, respecting you...more than likely he's just getting the pussy from some other girl. Some girl that didn’t make him waits. Now most "respectable" girls reading this are like "Well she just a hoe, and if I had to fuck him that quick I don’t need him". But then he end up leaving you for that "hoe". Then yall find every reason why he wasn’t worth shit anyway. When really if you would have let him sample a little nookie and stop holding out for months and years and would have had a better chance at keeping him.

I mean come on now, everybody is grown here. Every man AND woman knows that they have needs...and as bad as he wants the pussy, you want the dick just as bad. Now don’t get me wrong... I’m not saying fuck him on the first night...hell or even in the first week. But if you’re trying to test if he respects you give it a month or 2 at the most to see if he still wants to be with you. But anything beyond that is just insane. If you've ever had good dick/pussy before you know how hard it is going without it...It’s like torture. So why would you put anyone through that?! [Personally If I were a guy and did respect some girls wishes to wait...We waited and during the waiting period I fell in love with that chick. then when the sex come its bad pussy...i mean real bad and she dont even have the mouth to make up for it...its time to go! Some shit you just can't fix!] & why even put him in that situation. The female would think he left because he finally got the pussy but in all reality he just left because it was nasty raw toxic pussy! UGH! & he would probably be devastated that a girl he "loved" so much can’t even give him pleasure. See that situation right there can ALWAYS be avoided. The whole point of me voicing my opinion on this is because it truly bothers me when girls are constantly telling me that their not having sex with a guy & he respects that but I KNOW for a fact he be getting it elsewhere. Just don’t put yourself in that situation... a little waiting is ok, just don’t be outrageous!

There is sooo much more I could say about this but I'm sure yall tired of reading. So after reading this leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts [if your not a member it will be anonymous! :)] Say what you like...I love feedback! :) Until tomorrow guys..............


Anonymous said...

At our age, sex shouldn't be the 1st thing on anybody's mind when it comes to finding a decent guy. FINDING A DECENT GUY should be the 1st thing! And making guys wait is not only about respect. If I decide not to put out for 3 days or 3 years, if he's around for the long haul, then he'll be okay with it. To put out too soon, the only thing that's going through my head is: "Is he still with me for the sex, or is he really into me?? Did he get to know enough of me before he got addicted to the pussy? And does he even care to know any more about me now that he's been exposed to this gold mine?" What a lot of females fail to realize is that sex can really f*** with a guys perception of, hell, everything. It's almost a distraction. As good as it is and as important as intimacy is to a relationship, sex should never be the main focus, NEVER. And if a guy feels like he has to get his from elsewhere while he's waiting on you (again, whether it's 3 days or 3 years), why would you want him anyway?????? REALLY?! If he cares enough about you and the connection that the two of you have (if there even is one), then his little man can wait any amount of time. {But ladies, if you plan on waiting months and years, PLEASE pleasure him some kind of way! Don't leave him high and dry. Have your mouth game tight, or something. Everybody needs to get off every now and again. But it doesn't necessarily have to be sex (meaning intercourse, if anybody wants to get technical).} There are several aspects of a relationship that have to be developed, before you can introduce something as strong as sex. But that's only if the two of you are both looking for a serious relationship. If ya'll are still in the mind set of getting into relationships that you know are going no where fast, just for the fun, then by all means put out as quick as you like. But as you get older, pickings become slim and slimmer, and you eventually start looking for a real relationship, not just flings here and there. You gotta let a guy get inside your head before they get inside your draws. How ever long that takes, is just how long it takes.

Ervin said...

I say any longer than 2 months without ANY TYPE of action is lame. Unless the chick is scared of sex, she wants it just as much as the dude does. It does not take months and months to to figure out where somebody mind is at. Especially not these days. I Feel Like If I Have To Wait Months On In For Me To Even Get To See Breast, there's some trust issues goin on. Or the chick really dont know what she want. But Its Not About Gettin Sum Or Seeing somthing, more like "Why Does It Take 6 Months For U To Trust Me & How U Kno I Havnt Put My Trust In You Already?" & like u said dudes go off & find another. No Not The First Week But After About Two Or Three Months We Needa Go Further. We humans beings & sex is apart of our life. You take that away then we go to find it. So I Say this To Chicks in a nutshell : Dont rush the get to know process but dont prolong it. Also whos to say he wont fuck and leave after several months of waiting anyways? Then ud be even more devestated. Its Sex. Have It. Only nieve chicks get played.

RoByn LaTice said...

To the first lady to comment: I understand where your coming from. But im not saying SEX is the main concern...I just think like Ervin said it doesnt take that long to figure out if you really want to be with someone! By no means am I encouraging girls to just fuck guys after the first few days or a week or two..but there should definetly be a timne period. But for the most part I agree on your point of view..just dont torture the me...come strong with the head game or whatever, just dont wait an obscene amount of time! :) Thank both of you for your comments!

Anonymous said...

So....Robyn(you definitely don't know me this is not your friend Karimah)I agree with your statement! There shouldn't be a time period on when to give up the goodies! That little 3 month rule that some chicks follow is kinda silly to me!I guess people wait around to see if the sex is all that the guy is after, but in that case you have to already have an idea as to where you want the relationship to go in the beginning! But sex,head,finger action, or whatever will cum when the time is right! And when that special time cums you will know.....

Skeletronix said...

i agree. i also feel like why cant we be adults and just SAY what we want.
If im in it for sex ima say "i jst want sex" and IF he agrees ya'll good. if not den he can go. girls need to stop being hippacrists and liers. stop acting "shy" and grow up. men too. they can ask like the next man.

.cris. said...

#madlate.. lol but i'm new here..

this is such a HOT topic 4 me! i'm in a relationship.. & i was a virgin prior to this relationship. so i made him wait. a long time. while we were broken up, i know he had been with someone else. [ 4 more relationship details that could make this clear, visit my blog :) ]but what is so wrong with making him wait? granted, we were fooling around & he had everything but .. but still. i think trust is important in any relationship & for some people, it takes TIME. but then again, i don't view sex the same as a lot of people anyways.

i'm on the fence about this. but nonetheless, it was a good read :)