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Tuesday, September 29

Learning from the Past :)

Hello World.

So this is my first time blogging. Which also means this is MY first blog ever..and boy am I glad. A little bit about myself: Im a WRITER! I love writting everything from poems, short stories..heck I've even started a novel here and there. I also have a very strong passion for the arts. ARTS of every kind. Isnt it beautiful how one can capture life through a mere photograph or painting, drawing..etc! In this blog I will be discussing exactly what the title says. Life[which pretty much includes EVERYTHiNG], love, sex, and whatever else comes to my mind. Hopefully I am able to look back on this blog one day and say "BOY I'VE COME ALONG WAY"...Hopefully :)

So topic #1: Learning from the Past :

[Im sure this is a typical topic in blogs...but its just my thoughts on some recent things in my life :) --I'll try to stay away from typical subjects from here on out!]

       The best thing about the past may be the fact that from It more knowledge is gained. Through all mistakes some new knowledge should be learned. People say the worse mistakes are those from which nothing is learned. I am not a firm believer in the whole all things in life happen for a reason quote but in some cases I do find that it applies. In learning from a mistake that quote will definitely be applied; but serving the main purpose to really evaluate the problem and how you could have handled whatever the situation was better. But that quote can’t be applied to life in general. Because I refuse to believe that there is a reason that some people get raped, or commit suicide or the innocent are killed or prosecuted. I REFUSE to believe that life is really meant to be so cruel for some people. But that’s a totally different topic for a totally different day! The subject at hand for today is learning. Taking things from the past, even if it isn’t a regret and learning from it! School is not the only thing you should walk away from feeling more knowledgeable. Life in general should be a constant lesson. Everyday knowledge should be gained, whether intentional or accidental; Knowledge should be gained. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Note it, and make a better effort to fix the problem so there will be no repeating the same mistake. Learn. Always take the opportunity to learn as much as possible. Knowledge is always useful and will always come in handy!
In my last relationship I walked away knowing far more than I had ever known before. And for my gained knowledge I appreciate and thank that young man. Although my heart is very much still with him I have finally accepted not being with him! I’ve evaluated the situation and found plenty of things I could have done different, or better! As I take this long overdue break from the dating world I’ve evaluated my personality. I know in order to be in a relationship with anyone I must first learn to be happy alone! Sometimes it can seem kind of hard, but there won’t always be someone there at the end of the night to share with, to bring a smile. So learn to find joy in yourself! I’ve also learned that saying sorry doesn’t solve problems. [People make it seem as if apologizing actually woks, like if I say sorry for hurting you things are all better. It’s so cliché, like a mothers kiss to a child’s wound, it’s all in the mind]. Some mistakes will never be able to be fixed, and those that can be aren’t easy to fix. It takes more than an apology. I also learned that we are in two different stages in life. And honestly his level might be more advanced than mine. My mind is still stuck in this fairytale lifestyle. Play play play, and dream is all I do. My mind is under construction to get to adulthood, but I like to dabble in childhood sometimes! I mean really what is the rush in growing up?! Anywho,off topic once more! I have learned a lot of thing in life..and every day when I think ive learned everything I possibly want to learn there is always something else! Something that I wonder how I ever went without knowing. I know it is cliché but knowledge is power. Without knowledge you will only grow physically never mentally!

Im on a journey to maturity [explains the url I chose :)]...and hopefully I'll have a few followers along the way. I hope to inspire, uplift, and entertain the thoughts of my readers! So til next time.............

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