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Thursday, January 26

No thanks, I'll pass on being the "skinny" bitch...



I'm on a diet.
The HCG diet to be exact.
I've lost a total of 19 lbs in 23 days.
(Really I lost more, but I cheated and it came back...*shrugs*)

This is the day before I began the diet:

{When I finish the diet, I will post a picture in the same outfit...just to show the progress}
{Ohh....& I have box braids right now, I was obsessed with them so I gave them a go. I love them}
This diet is a very strict diet, but the results are it for those who are interested.

Any who,  since being on this diet....the comments I've gotten. Smh.

People must think I'm one of those "big girls" who secretly want nothing more than this world to be skinny. And that couldn't be further from the truth.

Just because I am on a diet, does not mean I crave to be skinny.
I love my shape right curves.
Why am I on a diet if I LOVE my shape?...
I know that I have problem areas.
My arms, stomach/back area. They could use a little shrinkage, and this diet targets problem areas as such.

I don't want to lose a person.
I'm not trying to get back down to a size 3/6/8.
Shit, I haven't been a size 3 since 6th grade.
And looking back on old pictures, I hate the skinny Robyn.
My head is too big for my body to be so little.
No thanks.

To tell the truth, I'm quite sad that my pants are starting to sag off of me.
Means I'm losing some of my ass...and my big pretty ass thighs.
The things I love.
I like that my pant size is 14/15.
I never want it to be under a size 10. EVER.

& last time my ass was a size 10, I was in 8th grade...
I love my adult body.
People don't know how much fun curves can be.

I'm tired of the slick comments on if you were truly happy with yourself you wouldn't be on a diet.
Smh. Child please, I know that I'm sexy when my clothes are off.
My body is evenly proportioned.
Waist dips in to create that hour glass illusion. Yea, I know I'm bomb.
I spend too much time in the mirror admiring myself.
BUT, why not make it better.
If I can have a big ass, flat stomach, big tits, fit arms....why not have that bomb ass body?

And I hate when people see you losing weight and make a huge deal about it. Telling you how good your going to look when your down to so-and-so's size. Smh, who the fuck said I wanted to be petite? If I lose more than 30 lbs on this diet, I'm quiting. Period.

I'll continue to work on what needs to be toned through exercise, but numbers don't matter to me.
Curves are included in my definition of beauty for myself.
And they forever will be.

At the end of every day I love myself, regardless. Big ass and all.

-Robyn Latice

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Reggie said...

Don't nobody want a bone but a dog and even he buries it when he's finished chewing on it.

I recognized something a long time ago and that is that the only thing that a woman that weighs 100 pounds can do for me is to point to one that weighs at least 150.