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Friday, April 20

Judge away...

I have never claimed to be perfect...
Not one single day.
I, like everyone else, make mistakes.
Mistake after mistake.
In which I learn from, every time.
... every single time.
Am I proud of them?
Am I ashamed of them?
Not at all.

Judge me if you must...
my mistakes have made me who I am.
Molded me into the person I am today.
Helped me see what not to do...
what I don't want to be.
They have helped transform me on so many levels.
Mentally, physically, emotionally...sexually,
I am NOT perfect.

It amazes me how people sit around waiting for mistakes...
waiting to bring out the judgement,
as if they themselves are perfect.
Completely unflawed.

To them I say...
Get a fuckin' life.

I am young,
I'd be naive to think that at 21 I will never make another mistake in my life.
I know that I still have experiences to learn from.
Fuck-ups to make.
Is it intentional?

But even in my wildest dreams, I'd never want to be perfect.

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