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Sunday, April 22

Freak hoe...Wait

I've sat pondering too many times the difference between a freak and what people consider a hoe. Too many times coming up empty handed.

Wondering which I am categorized as.
But, for the first time I's just a matter of opinion.

I'm sure to some people, I'm a hoe.
A hoe because I'm with the freak shit.
Completely with the freak shit.
In each and every way.

I don't care that people know that I like freak shit, or that I even participate in freak shit.

Think of a freak.
I'm not the mediocre definition.
I'm the extended...

So if what I do sexually makes me a hoe and not who I'm doing...I guess I'm fucked.

Fucked because I enjoy the art of fucking...😒


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