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Friday, February 3

Some of us are just vain...


A guy made a statement.
A dumb ass statement if you ask me. Stating that girls who take a lot of pictures and post them to social networks are clearly insecure.
I wanted to hear why he felt that way. It turned into a debate.
They are social networks. Facebook in particular. Is it not for sharing pictures? Sharing opinions? Socializing?
I rather someone call me a shallow bitch than insecure…especially for a dumb reason.
I’m vain. & Yes, I like looking at myself.
I LOVE taking pictures, and occasionally I like sharing them.
Never to get approval from anyone.
Never in search of comments/reblogs.
Smh at the ignorance in his statement.
At the end of every day, the only opinion that matters on that subject is my own.
I’m bomb, and I KNOW this.
{P.S- I’m sick as fuck…the reason for the cough drop.}


Cristine♥ said...

well your EYEBROWS & COLOR look AMAZING!

screw him.

Marie said...

Exactly this is social networking-
and posting pictures of oneself is
a good two thirds of the idea.

And what is he doing lurking around
a venue he obviously doesn't comprehend.

Your eyes are pretty.

Don said...

I believe you said it best where you stated, "Never to get approval from anyone."


Reggie said...

You sure as hell don't need anyone's approval or permission to take pictures.

Sometimes people don't take pictures because they know they're ugly. You clearly know better than that.

Nice soup coolers..........