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Monday, February 6

Love, move over...

I'm convinved that I worry too much about love.

Much like most people, failure/rejection is my biggest fear.
In every sense of the word.

I fear that maybe I won't find my "one".
I fear being alone at the end of forever.
I fear not having someone to grow old with...
I fear never becoming someone's wife.

I think too much about it all.
Too much about who forever will really mean forever with.

I should be focused more on taking steps towards my career.
Getting internships, traveling, freelance writing to get my words seen...
But most times?
Love consumes me.

Love is first in my life.
Forever has been, probably forever will be.
I hate being a hopeless romantic.
Hate it with a passion.

Even when it may appear that I'm "alone", I'm loving someone...
Loving someone, somewhere..with my all.

I have too many goals for love to be number one.
There will forever be time for love...
but opportunities, career-wise?
Come and then in the blink of an eye, you've missed your big chance.

Let's rearrange my priorities:
1.Build a better relationship with God.
2. Focus more on graduating.
3. Slowly begin to tip-toe into the writing feild.
4. Figure out where you need to be to best accomplish what you want. {State/City}
5. Build a better foundation for yourself. {Support system}
6. Figure out what exactly you want in this man of my future "forever".
7. Take it slow, live your life...
8. When the correct love shows up, don't push it away. Be accepting; be open for change.

Now, if only love would just take a hike for a while.
Wishful thinking.


Juanita Kenton said...

I can absolutely relate to this. Lovin ur blog. check out mine too, we can follow eachother if u want to.


Reggie said...

No one should really have to think about love. It is what it is.