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Sunday, November 27

All I can seem to write about is him...

Yo. Just another love poem.

Loves Limit:

I...have a confession,
I love you.
Not just that regular fly by night type love...
That, baby I love you with my soul type love.
That, baby I love you only when I ...breathe type love.
That, I dream about you every night when I sleep type love., I'm in love with you.

I wanna show you new depths of passion, be the only one you need when you dream of love. On some L.L type shit, yea I'm in need of love.

Not that, only know me when you feel you need it type love.
Not that, every single day I fuckin' hate you type love.
Not that motivated by lust, riddled with lies type love.
Naw baby...Naw.
But that, you could be my personal supply of happiness type love.
Yea, baby...I love you.

I need you to teach me all the secrets that you need in love, help me pave the way to suceed to love.

Not that, only said it to get what I need type love.
But that, planning out our future only wanna be with you type love.
That, kiss you all night while you sleep type love.
That, remind you everyday that you're all I...breathe type love., I'm completley IN love with you.

All I want is to know that we'll make it in love. All I need is to reach the impossible through love.

Not that, insecure mediocre I love you because you love me type love.
Not that, selfish ass all about me me me type love.
But that, becoming a better me to work towards US type love.
That...If I can't have forever with you, I don't want forever type love.
Yea...that type of love.

Loves Limit,higher than anything one could achieve in love.
Float away with be in love.
There, we'll live happily...all we need is love.

AND, just incase you don't know by now...Baby, I LOVE you.


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Poetic_Butterfly said...

That was very deep I loved it. That type of love is beyond deep but very real. Whew! What an emotion and the way it makes you feel. I hope this person knows how luckly they are to have that love your giving them. This was wonderfully written and deeply felt from the heart.